Saturday, May 21, 2011

ICLW Mixed Flavours

Welcome old and new cyber-friends. We are in the phase of life where we are finally parenting after a very long journey of infertility, ectopic pregnancies, hopes ans shattered hopes, ICSIs, FETs and eventually pregnancy. The details are on the left sidebar. I hope to come and visit your blog soon and make new friends, this is such an amazing community.

So I went back to the ICLW blog list to see which three topics I had put down and of course now several other things are happening so I'm afraid I won't stick to those themes so much, but that's life isn't it? you plan to do something and then a D-tour must be taken...

First things first. Today my little chicken is 20 weeks old! And tonight he'll be evicted from our room and moved into the nursery. Since last week we transformed his crib into the mini bed

And he had no problem adjusting, in fact I think he feels better now that he has more room to stretch. We had to buy black-out blinds for the nursery window and today's project is to put them up, rearrange the things in the nursery (it's our tiny box-room, he'll move again into the second bedroom once we have the attic fully finished and ready for guests) and hope for the best!

On Thursday night I met a cyber-friend who came to Ireland on holidays (no, not Queen Elizabeth, I don't think she blogs LOL!). Christa and her husband would make such great parents, their FET is just around the corner, let's hope they'll bring home some Irish luck!

And I have to say to you all, in the last few weeks there have been so many BFPs among my cyber friends it's as if all the stars have aligned in a fantastic (and rare) conjunction with the planets and miracles are happening. Some are on my local board (3!!) and several others are in blogland. I am confident one by one all the girls in my top right hand-side list will be moved further down! So if you are cycling now or soon, the stars are on your side!!

Finally my little pet Patches is going through a rough time. He's just over one year old and let me tell ya he has a medical history of a geriatric cat. On his side he has the Ultimate Vet Hero who is determined not to give up on him till there's hope. At times I feel it's too much love and perhaps we should let him go. Patches was about to be put to sleep a year ago and she saved him. But his immune system is non-existent, he has the size of a six month-old kitten, he's currently on nine different medications, is this really a life? There are so many cats looking for a good home, are we doing the right thing in keeping Patches? We also have a second cat, The Dude who is a massive gentle pet and Patches best friend. In the last few weeks he's been so so protective of him, sleeping with him to keep him warm, grooming him when he came back from the clinic, and now I think he is giving up hope too. This morning Patches is a bit brighter but I'm afraid to say anything as when I wrote the last post, just the day after he slept all day long barely getting up for food. We'll see. Stay tuned for further developments.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


  1. Hi Fran,

    I joined ICLW this month. Great way to get back into blogging.

    Continued thoughts and prayers for Patches. I hope Oliver does well in his nursery. We moved Kate into the nursery at around the same age, and she did beautifully. Hope things go well for you tonight.


  2. i LOVE that bed. a friend of mine has it for her baby and i so want one when we are lucky enough to have ours. happy ICLW (#8)

  3. Happy ICLW my dear friend!!! I can't believe your dear boy is already 20 weeks old. And that crib is adorable!!

    My continued thoughts and prayers go to Patches!!!

  4. I'm a fellow tubeless blogger here from ICLW. Well done on getting an ep support group set up!

  5. Happy ICLW!

    Sorry about your patches..... Keep us posted!

  6. Oh, Fran, I'm so very sorry to hear about Patches. I've been really behind with blog reading and so didn't realized what he/you had been going through on that front. It's so difficult.

    I hope tonight goes well with the nursery move. Everything crossed for you.

  7. Love that crib/mini-bed!!! Praying for Patches. Happy ICLW!!

    ICLW #121

  8. stopping by from iclw..... i read christa's blog, and got so excited when i realized you are the girl she was visiting!! :D hope the visit was great!

    your son's crib is super cool! i will have to look into that after i get my happy ending which will hopefully be coming soon (beta in 6 days).

  9. Chicken's new bed looks great. Hope his transition into sleeping in the nursery will work out smoothly.

    Oh yes, BFPs have been poppin' left, right and centre. It is a bit like the spring run last year too. There is something in the season? I want to change to another list too.

    Just sending Patches good luck....nine medications? *wince*...poor fellow!

  10. Stopping by through ICLW!!

    I really like that crib-- I hope the first night went smoothly for you and the baby :).

    I'm sorry about your cat :(. Those are tough situations. But, Patches is lucky to have such a wonderful family.

  11. Just now finding your blog through ICLW and catching up on your story. It is so wonderful you have your baby after your long, hard struggle!

    Also, I love that crib/bed! Where is it from?

  12. Hi. Stopping by from ICLW. I realy hope Patches makes it. We had a huge scare with our cat a year and a half ago as she was diagnosed with feline leukemia. They didn't think she would make it but she is still here and going stong. I hope you get the same success story.

  13. 20 weeks - has it really been that long??? I can't believe it! Continuing to send you and Patches good thoughts.

  14. Happy ICLW. That crib is pretty awesome, what brand is it? Glad your little guy is sleeping better in his own space. Just reading about your cat made me feel sad. I hope he feels better!

  15. Stopping by from ICLW. I never know which 3 words to put down to describe my blog, I pretty much write about anything and everything! This is my 2nd ICLW.

  16. Hi, Fran.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. It's tough, yes, but I'm muddling through. "Coping" feels like the wrong word, 'cause there's no definition of it which permits you to be very angry at the person who...y'know.

    ICLW hugs and eternal gratitude to you,



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