Sunday, May 22, 2011

First night on his own

It went down without a hitch! Oliver slept soundly through the night and briefly woke up around 6.30 am because he got stuck sideways in the cot! Once repositioned and soothed up he slept for another hour and half! The major difference from our room is that we added a black-out blind to his window so it's darker for longer and definitely helps him not waking up!

In other news I stepped on the dreaded scale this morning. I have to say I tried on and squeezed back into my skinny jeans the other night, much to my surprise, and started thinking the scale was a lying bitch as according to it I still had 7-8kg to go the last time. So this morning up I went on the evil thing and still it says I'm 62kg. That is 10kg less than I was at the end of the pregnancy and still 5kg to go. There's no way I'd fit back into those if I was 5kg heavier than the pre-drugs IF madness. I think I wasn't even 10 weeks along and I couldn't wear them any more. So that's it, either the thing is lying or the weight has redistributed itself in other places. Which has to be my upper body. But 5kg?? Mystery. They may be still most on my belly (the jeans are a low-waist model) but I'm working on it. You know, I'm going back to Italy in 4 weeks time and me, Oliver, mum and sister are going to the sea-side. Arrrhhhggghh I'll have to buy a bikini or something (it must be 10 years I've not gone to the sea side for holidays) and I'm dreading it! I imagine myself wearing a wrap or a T-shirt all the time...sad I know. Four weeks to tone up. Not sure I can do it. Also, I've always had horrible capillaries and visible veins in my legs which got worse with the pregnancy. So as part of the body-renovation I've started getting them "erased". Problem is, I do that in Italy and you can't sunbathe afterwards, so I can't get any more done till sea time. I won't be a pleasant sight on the beach I'm afraid. Let's hope Oliver will be the centre of attention then!

And thanks so much for the messages about Patches. No major progress I'm afraid, maybe the eye is better but he's breathing is still very congested. Ultimate Vet Hero will come to see him tomorrow.

Loving ICLW week! I've actually got to read blogs I've never read before which is just fantastic! Stick around folks, Attic updates and pics of the nursery are coming soon!


  1. Hooray!!! So glad that Oliver slept so well.

    As for the body issues, trust me, I have no advice ;)

  2. SO glad it went well, Fran. And I bet you'll look lovely in a bikini, capillaries or no (must look into this erasing business...I think I'm going to need to check that out).

    Love to patches. I'm sorry you're going through this very hard thing.

  3. Congrats on your little guy! And hope it continues to go well with the "eviction", lol. Also, give it time, the baby weight will come off slowly. My girl is 7 1/2 months and I'm closing in on my last 10 pounds to lose! They say it takes 9 months to gain it so it will take 9 months to lose it.

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  5. So glad you stopped by my page! Yes, I got married young (a week after I turned 20), but my husband was 24 when we got married. The expenses aren't bad. We even own our own house. We're not the typical 20 year olds. We are both actively involved in ministry at our church (we're the youth pastors, and I lead worship). The only debt we had going into our marriage was my school loans (which we think of as an investment), and then we added our mortgage to that a little over a year ago. We've made pretty well. We've been blessed. All that's missing is our little bundles of joy!

  6. Wow big steps! Glad to hear all is well - except for Patches. Poor kitty - keep us updated. xx

  7. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy and I am so glad he is sleeping well for you now! Here from ICLW! so great to have found your blog

  8. Glad the transition went well! Sonar, at least.

    I'll be sticking around from sure! Happy ICLW!!

  9. Glad your little guy slept so well with the darkened room.

    And, I'm sure you will look a lot better on the beach than you think you will.

    ICLW #6

  10. congrats on your little Oliver!! So exciting to have him, I'm sure!

    Don't worry about getting back into your skinnies... in due time!

    Happy ICLW!

  11. Wonderful news that Oliver slept in his own room! Hopefully now all of you will sleep better!

  12. I'm so sorry for your loss of Patches. We lost our ^^Kantti^^ 10 months ago and it still hurts.

    Congrats on fitting into your jeans again!


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