Thursday, May 19, 2011

Patches update

Would you believe it, Patches seems to be getting better once again. The Ultimate Vet Hero has been pulling all the stops to avoid the "blue juice" as she calls it.

She's done researches, contacted specialist vets, listen to webinars and I'm sure she said a few prayers too. So with a cocktail of 9 (yes nine!) different meds a few times a day (some of those have to be given twice, three times or five!) the eye is improving and so it's his breathing. His voice is also back. No more bloody sneezes and he seems to be in better form. As his immune system is so weak (we wonder if it works at all in fact) any virus causes havoc...ulcers appearing and getting colonised by weird bacteria which take forever to clear. Anyway, lab results are back so now we have the right antibiotic which should clear the infection. She also gave him something to reduce the mucous production to minimise bronchial distress and hopefully limit bacterial growth. The eye ulcer is not infected and so it's viral. The systemic antiviral which he was on is useless for him but a topic one seems to be doing the trick. Steroids are a big no no when viral infections are ongoing but he needs something to help him cope with the stress of the situation, so again she found a suitable substitute which we are trying out now. Finally, the latest addition to the cocktail is interferon. In same cases it has be shown to eradicate one of the viruses affecting Patches. Let's hope. We are also considering food allergies but like the Ultimate Vet Hero said, it's important that he eat something and special food is not that palatable.
Thank you all for your good wishes and kind thoughts, Patches appreciates it!
I'll update again on how he's doing, but for now we are very happy!


  1. Dearest Fran!
    You are the best pet parent ever! patches is so lucky to have you! Lots of love:)

  2. Wonderful news! You're doing everything you possible can to help that little one - way to go, mama!

  3. Great news! I am so happy that Patches has such a wonderful mom and vet!!

  4. Oh no! Patches is sick again? Poor meowie. I am glad that you guys have such an awesome vet. She sounds like she really loves what she does. She obviously also really cares about you guys too. What a wonderful woman.

    Here's to hoping everything works and Patches gets well sooner than later.

  5. SO glad Patches is feeling better. :-)

  6. Phew! I am SO glad to hear that Patches is getting better. Having put pets to sleep before I know firsthand that it sucks. Hardcore sucks.
    It's great that you're doing everything you can to help. I grew up with parents who would do practically anything and spend practically anything to help a sick pet. I've followed in their footsteps but not everyone understands that.


  7. They say cats have 9 lives, but it seems like Patches has a few more than that. I hope he continues to improve. What a little fighter!

  8. Here from ICLW.
    Glad to hear Patches os doing better.


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