Monday, August 1, 2011

7 monthiversary!

Oliver is 7 months today and I did a bit of shopping for my little one!

First let me say that I got another load of things from friends and colleagues last friday. We are now in possession of a few hundred euro worth of clothing (practically new), two bumbo seats (one for the living-room and one for the attic), and a baby play mat the size of a room (well...almost!). So I had a few things I needed to get and then it so happens that one of my former student gave me a voucher today so I added a few more things to the mix!

I had bought a summer sleep bag the other day as Oliver is quickly outgrowing the one he currently uses. I love the Gro company so that's where this is coming from.

To this I added a less needed Organic-cotton sleep bag (6-18 months!) for the winter time (he has one already which came with the cot-bed but they do get used a lot). The colour looks a bit pale, but it's actually a nice warm straw colour.
Then, given that we now posses a bumbo seat (ops, sorry, I meant two for just one baby!) we bought the tray.
But the cherry on the cake goes to the gro-clock!

I absolutely loved this clock the first time I saw it on the website, it's such a clever idea! You can set it to whichever time you like to indicate night-time and day-time and that should help the toddler to stay in bed till "the sun comes up"! Of course Oliver doesn't need it yet so it'll stay on my bedside locker for the time being!

And talking about sleeping, Oliver is a bit more settled, doesn't sleep fully through the night but we may have to get up only a couple of times. Anyway, let's hope we heading in the right direction!


  1. We just bought the same whale sleep sack! A much bigger size of course. Between my twins, we have to have four in every size and every TOG, so we are accumulating most of the different Gro designs. I've tried many different brands but Gro is the best because my Burrito can (and will!) unzip all of the others. Gro is the only one that has a fighting chance of staying zipped... though he still manages sometimes. There are actually only a few designs available in the U.S. so I have to import them!

  2. Happy 7 months! Will have to check out the sleep sack - sounds good. I stayed at a friends house who has two boys aged 4 and 2, and they share a room. They have a rule that they're not allowed to be loud or come out of their room until the Lion is on. I was confused until the parents explained that they have a lion lamp in their room that is on a timer to go on at 7:00 am every morning. Sure enough, as soon as it was 7:00, all through the house we could hear, "The lion is on, the lion is on!" And then the day began!

  3. How did time go by SO FAST!!! I feel like he should only be 2 weeks. AMAZING! hes a cute little man though, I am so happy hes sleeping better and giving you some much needed stability (kinda). I got one gro bag for my shower so I am interested to see if that will be a big hit with babe or not, so far it looks like everyone loves them!! There is a store near my house that has one huge wall of gro bags!!


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