Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good to start!

Thanks my friends for the kind words. I am slowly getting back to less anxiety again. I now am quite sure that by the time I reached Oliver the other night he was definitely breathing so much so that the alarm stopped before I touched him (of course we had several tests and it takes a few seconds for the alarm to stop when you resume motion). Still. He almost certainly had stopped breathing for the alarm to go off. The sensor pad is ultra sensitive and a feather brushing against the mattress, even at the edge, would be getting registered. I do remember when I had the first scare the paed said that when the alarm goes of after 15 seconds it's still at the high end of normal. This time it may have been 20-25 seconds, and I think it was because he was face down on the mattress. But I will make sure to tell the doctor at the next appointment or I'll book in early if it happens again. God please don't let it happen again.
I also called the crèche today to find out what their safety protocol for sleeping babies is. The manager was very very understanding, she said they have a baby monitor in the room but that they check the babies every 5 minutes (of all ages up to the time they leave for school) and keep it on record for years so they are all available to me even now if I want to check. Of course she said if I feel more comfortable they'll clip on the breathing monitor too, no problem. She was so so reassuring, they don't want to take any chance and she encouraged me to call again if I have any worry at all. I do feel better. A bit.

I will post some pics of our last holiday soon but for now I'll show you how happy he is at bath time! This one was taken only a couple of nights ago.

In other news, my scan at the clinic went well, still a bit of lining to be shed but bloods were good so I will start stimming tomorrow. They changed back my meds to what I had used before with no problem. Of course meds change also depending on which pharma company gives them the best perks but for veteran clients like me they'll prescribe what worked before. Delighted not to have to use steroids and clexane this time as I won't do a transfer, but let's hope we'll have something to freeze! Next scan on Monday. Mike will go in for a SA on tuesday. We are quite curious to see if the new super duper facilities has upgraded the "Sample room" too. I will let you know.

My dear friend The Ultimate Vet Hero will fly to Cali for good tomorrow morning, I sure will miss her.
And my sister will be here on Thursday to babysit for a couple of weeks, hopefully she won't be too tired by the end of it!


  1. What a scare, Fran. I am relieved to hear how understanding, cautious and accommodating your facility is.

    Wishing you extra luck as you begin a new cycle for baby #2. I am so excited for you and your growing family.

  2. So nice to know that the day care center is so cooperative. Oliver will be in good hands.

    I still sometimes check on them (almost 18 months), if they have been sleeping in a little too longer than normal or if one is still fast asleep when other is having a cry fest or a party! You can never stop worrying!

    Oliver is such a happy baby - love his picture.

    Good luck with the cycle!

  3. Love that picture. What a happy baby!

  4. Oh my gosh, I hadn't read your Monday post and had to go back to read it....how absolutely frightening! I hope it was just that his chest was off the mattress as he was up on his knees. Thank goodness you have the monitor and yes, they should definitely use it at the day care! Fran, that picture of him in the tub is priceless! He is SO cute. That photo should be printed and framed!

  5. LOVE that picture, chubby happy chappie!
    I'm sorry that I'm no help at all when it comes to anxiety. Hope it will fade into the background.
    And good on you for getting the protocol you want, hope it works wonders again this time!

  6. After many months of adjustments, false alarms, and frustration I got rid of our angel monitors. I just used the sound monitor, it was hard to "let go" but so worth it. I kept their cribs safe and checked on them often and they were just fine!

  7. So glad to hear you received some comfort from the creche about this. Good luck on starting meds again!

  8. Your creche sounds great! I love how understanding they are, and how reassuring! Good luck starting meds again - wow, can't believe it's time again... And I love the pic of Oliver in the bath - adorable!!!

  9. Fran, I'm just catching up on blog reading now. It must have been terrible. I'm so sorry, and I'm glad that the creche was so good about allaying your fears.

    I love the picture. Happy, happy baby:)

  10. He is such a cutie! Daycare sounds good. I'm glad you feel reassured!


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