Friday, October 21, 2011

18 Months ago, The Dude... away at the age of almost 6 months trough the back french door that opens on the balcony.

Now, almost to the day, 18 months later he run away again. Through the front door. I really think the wild gene in him never left and I could see him always at the window or on the balcony as soon as I had the door open. But this time he run out when I opened the front door 3 days ago and went down the stairs. I put Oliver down and went after him straight away, I knew he as hiding in the bushes but refused to come out no matter how much bribing I was trying. When Mike came home he went looking for him again and no joy. He's not in the bushes any more. We have not seen him since.
The last time we found him (he didn't come back) 2 weeks later, very skinny and with an abscess on his back. This time I somehow don't think we'll find him unless he decides to come back. We are heading towards winter, it's cold and rainy. I just hope he is not going to get injured or sick. He's now much bigger (he's a huge cat) and stronger, but certainly not used to be outside.
So our original set of kitten is now gone. How very sad is that. We have the "replacement" cat with us, maybe that's the way it was always supposed to be, I don't know.


  1. Oh no, I hope he makes his way back home!! Do you have a tag on his collar with your phone number? Hopefully someone will find him and return him safely.

  2. That dude is wild. I'm so sorry he bolted and I hope that he comes home quickly.

  3. Oh how scary! I hope the Dude comes home soon!!!

  4. Oh my! I read your title and thought you must be just trying to talk about Dude back then... but not again! I hope he is safe and comes back soon!

  5. Oh no!! He really is a wild one. I'm going to hold out hope for his return soon. Cats are quite resilient. Could you put out food for him so he doesn't starve? I'm so sorry:( good luck finding him. Posters and talking to the neighbors is a good way to go. Good luck! Xxoo big hugs my friend!

  6. I am sorry about the kitty situation:( That just stinks! I hope he will show up soon.
    How is the new kitty doing? how old is it now? I hope it became a happy member of your family.
    Much love and (((HUGS))). I hope he comes back soon!

    I would be happy to be added to your ectopic list. Support groups were the one helping me through that rain. I would be happy to pay that forward.

  7. Hey Fran, you can add me to the list. Hope all is well :)

  8. :(

    Hugs, Fran. I hope he comes home quickly. Cats are highly intelligent creatures...and so I am hoping that at the first sign of really cold weather, he decides that things are ideal at home.


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