Monday, October 31, 2011

Long weekend

Today it's bankholiday here which meant we had  a long weekend. Still no sign of the Dude unfortunately. We won't give up hope just yet.

Oliver is going to be 10 months tomorrow! He's been now in the crèche for one month and he absolutely loves it. Mike said that in the morning, when he realises he's in the crèche car-park, he can't get out of the car fast enough to start his fun day!

They celebrated Halloween last wednesday and we got Oliver this cute costume

He was a little shark!! You see, his surname is Shark.ey so it was highly appropriate. I can't wait to see the pics they took in the crèche of all the babies.

He has been coughing for quite some time now, a dry annoying cough. We had a few other things we wanted to ask also. So I booked him in with our lovely paedi. Mike brought him to the appointment on friday. Cough is probably now due to reflux (diaphragm was irritated by the initial cough due to the cold and needs to settle back) but chest is clear. He had two red patches near his willy which seemed to be quite itchy for him. It turns out he has a bit of a fungal infection so we got treatment for it and he's already much better. The paedi checked his hearing once again. He flicked his nails and Oliver turned around immediately. He really believes there's no issue at all. Finally he noticed a very light heart murmur, but nothing to worry about (and he's a cardio-paedi! so I'm really relaxed about it).

Finally, yesterday Oliver had his first tumble. He fell from a couch at our friends'...Mike was sitting beside him and I could see it was a potentially dangerous situation as Oliver was standing on his legs and reaching for toys at the side of the couch...I told Mike (who was chatting and not really paying attention) to hold Oliver by a leg as he could fall. I won't rant too much abut his attitude lately when I point something out to him, but let's just say he didn't take my advice.Sure enough within two minutes Oliver plunged head first towards the floor. I grabbed him by a leg and lessen the fall...anyway, a big fright and a few bruises on the head, but thank God nothing serious. I hope Mike will treasure this for the future, you cannot take your eyes off of him one second!

I have downloaded our finished attic pics so I'll do a special post soon!

Finally, I have started a new blog for Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland. I'd love to feature your experience if you have been touched by an ectopic and list your blog if you blogged about it (I know a few of you have and thanks so much for allowing me to list your blog), so have a look at the blog and let me know what you think. Of course the idea is to create a support network for everyone out there...I know when I had my two ectopics, there was hardly anything and news, info and blogs were scattered. 


  1. I hope Dude comes back soon.

    Oliver looked really cute in his shark costume. And I am so happy to learn that he enjoys going to the creche. I hope he gets over the cough and the fungal infection has been taken care of.

    I hope he continues to pass his hearing tests.


  2. He is so cute in his shark costume. I'm glad to hear he is loving the creche. I hear you about husbands not wanting to hear advice on parenting.

  3. Such a cute little shark'ey! :) And good luck with the new blog - it is going to be a great help to a lot of ladies out there!

  4. LOVE the Shark outfit. You've inspired me for next year. See, our cat is named Sharky, so that would be perfect!

  5. Great outfit and glad he's doing so well, despite the cough and the bruises (there will be more...).

  6. What an adorable shark! I will see if my ectopic post suit. I remember how terrified I was at the thought of losing a tube with surgery. Only to have the tube fully blocked by scar tissue. What a great resource.

  7. I love the shark! He is so cute!

    Sorry to hear Dude is still missing. I hoped he would have come home by now. :( Poor meowie.

    It is sad when husbands learn to listen to their wives the hard way and at the expense of their babies. Although I can't say it hasn't gone the other way in our house too. I'm sure Mike felt really bad. :(

    Hoping that Dude makes his way home soon.

  8. That is one cute littel shark!! I hope he gets over the cold soon!

    And I hope your hubby will REALLY listen to you next time!

  9. Great photos! Oliver standing there very proud to show off his costume (he is so handsome!) and I always love to see pictures of you. I'm really happy to hear that the whole creche situation is working out perfectly and Oliver is delighted to be there.

    Scout's first tumble was very much like Oliver's - head first off the couch. I have had a few harsh words for my DH when I think he isn't being as attentive as he should be to baby dangers, but honestly, in all fairness, Scout has gotten hurt on my watch too. Sometimes EVEN IF you are right there, trying to hold on and protect them, they manage to fall and get hurt anyway. It's inevitable because toddlers are masters at figuring out a way to elude your grasp and hit the floor. Usually with their heads. The best you can hope for, really, is that they don't get seriously hurt.

    I'm still praying that The Dude comes home soon!


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