Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All clear!

Today I had the double assessment (mammogram and ultrasound) and consultant visit. Within one and half hours I was fully reassured there was nothing wrong and in fact I was told already by the time I got to do the ultrasound that the mammogram looked completely normal. I was extremely impressed with the service and the kindness of the nurses and doctors. The breast specialist saw exactly what I meant with the fold in the nipple tissue but reassured me that it was nothing pathological and probably due to breastfeeding. I am so relieved.

This is the third time this year I am thinking I'm dying. I need to go on medications or I will eventually get ill with all this stress. Will talk to the GP about this the next time.


  1. I once had a follow up to a mammogram, and they redid the mammogram like 5 times in a row, then I had an ultrasound a few days later. I was very anxious but it just turned out to be dense breast sugar.

  2. I mean dense breast tissue - not sugar.

    1. ohhhhh, with my mind still on breastfeeding breast sugar sounds lovely!

  3. Fran, I'm so glad everything turned out fine and you are so relieved. Do talk to your GP, and to your therapist too.
    My mammogram is scheduled for two years after starting the HRT...

  4. :-) Glad to hear all is well. You must be feeling much lighter already.

  5. Stressful! My goodness. I am relieved that all is well.


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