Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Health update

I went to the GP on monday, she was a new one in the place (they get one position rotating among those that have hospital posts to keep up to date etc) and was lovely. Told me absolutely I should call down if I'm worried, that's what they are there for etc.
She did a full breast exam and could not see/feel anything wrong which was great and very reassuring. Of course it was a bit cold so the "grove" effect I see when the left nipple is flat was no there. Eventually I adjusted and she managed to see a bit (like a mild version) of what I meant and said because of the behaviour it is probably a superficial skin damage maybe due to breastfeeding!! Remember all the problems I had with breastfeeding? All the bleeding, constant damage to the nipples? Maybe that is it. She said she is absolutely not worried but will talk to the other doctors and see if they feel we should do further checks. I'm a relieved, hopefully I'll convince myself that they know what they are talking about and even with no scans I'll put it to rest.

Valery you have been so kind, I think I know the triggers. Any time I'm working towards a goal (going to the US in the summer, maybe changing job etc) I start having anxiety. Generally health related and things that make me think "oh perhaps I won't be able to do nothing at all, if I'm ill I won't be able to [...insert whatever the project is...]". Hugs my friend.

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