Saturday, November 1, 2014

Can you believe I have yet a new anxiety attack?

This time is my breast. The left one. October was breast aware month, I have always been breast aware and checked myself regularly. So everything feels absolutely normal, I don't have a lump I can feel. But I did notice that when I lift my arms, if the nipples are not erected, the left one retracts to the side. The right one is normal. If the nipples are erected then there is no visible difference. I have to say I couldn't tell you when this change happen, I think I may have paid more attention to this as I heard an interview of a lady who mentioned her only thing was a retracted nipple (no lumps). Needless to say I'll call/go to the GP on monday. They haven't seen me for a while, must be happy. How did I skip the step of looking at myself in front of the mirror it's beyond me. I tend to do breast self-exams in the shower or in bed and with arms down there is nothing different, with nipples erected and arms up/down same. So unless nipples are flat the doctor won't see what I'm seeing.
Will I ever stop worrying?

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  1. Oh Fran, I'm so sorry to read this. I can't remember if you explained this before, but do you know if there is something that is a trigger for you for these attacks? I know you hae been working so hard with all your applications, and then all the waiting...
    I hope your GP can take your fear away.
    (My nipples are all over the place even with just two daily feeds. Suzy is getting so strong that I'm afraid they lose any shape for a long time to come)


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