Monday, November 10, 2014

#MicroblogMondays Work and Anxiety hand in hand

I did not get shortlisted for the first job I applied to a month ago. I found this out on Saturday night. No, I didn't get an email, they leave you hanging. Only shortlisted people get the email. I was so upset. Mostly as I felt I was worthless. I got a bit better when I heard that one person that was shortlisted was an internal candidate at post doc level. So if they want a junior position then I am overqualified. I wish they told me rather than give me hope. I was really hoping to get called.

I'm having a mammogram and ultrasound on wedensday. The GP referred me just to be super cautious after my visit last week to the Breast Clinic. Somehow I thought it would be a few weeks before they called me and she said it was going to be non urgent. When I got the call this morning for an appointment this Wednesday I nearly fell off the chair. The lady explained that as I have private health insurance they have reserved slots every Wednesday. There is no emergency, no rush put by consultant, only they had a vacant slot and wanted to know if I wanted it. I took it. And I'm shaking since.


  1. Oh Fran! It's been way too long since I left a comment on your blog (but I have been reading all your posts)! I bow my head in shame... So sorry about not being shortlisted. This wasn't Davis, was it?
    I can imagine you got a scare with that call for a mammogram - I have my first one scheduled next week Thursday - got a referral from my OBGYN to have it done in the year I turned 40 - just got the appointment in one month before my 41st... Procrastinating maybe...? Hope they will be uneventful for both of us!

  2. oh no, my comment got lost!
    big hugs anyway (and be kind for yourself)

  3. I echo lostintranslation: may it be an uneventful mammogram.

    I'm sorry about the job. That really sucks. It's soul-sucking at times; putting yourself out there, applying.


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