Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#MicroblogsMonday: The Walking Dead

The series is in its fifth season and we only started watching the show about two weeks ago. I don't know how it happens but I obviously discover fab series well into their galore when they have won popularity contests year on year. It happened with How I met your mother, Grey's anatomy, House... and so I go on a binge of a couple of episodes per night and feel like I am actually in the series...it's so so odd! We are now finished season two and I just can't wait to get going with season 3. I may have caught up by the time the season break is over.
Of course this is a totally different kind of show which if someone had mentioned to me I would have probably thought it was a load of crap...zombies?? Come on...that's so 1990s, right? But no, this is fab and has me watching it from behind a warm blanket on the couch, never alone and thinking what will happen next. I then check my very strong composite door is properly locked and go to bed.

Arrgh...any other series I'm missing?


  1. Ha ha, no idea... I'm still stuck somewhere in Grey's , where they got into a fight about the adopted baby and separated. Not exactly distraction from my own IF misery back then, so I quit. Binge watching for me is now connected with IF, joblessness and depression, so not as enjoyable to me anymore.

  2. There are several series that McRuger and I enjoy. "The Newsroom" is on HBO. It's smart, witty, and fast-paced. The writer/creator is the same man who wrote/created "West Wing": Aaron Sorkin. We also love watching "Game of Thrones" and "House of Cards" (on Netflix). Not that we have a ton of time to watch these days....lol!

  3. Breaking Bad! I got into it late and binged watched it. It's already over so you don't have to binge watch to catch up, only to wait for the next season, it's all there!

    1. Oh yes!!! How did I forget Breaking Bad! We started watching the before the final season begun, we LOVED it and Dexter was another one!

  4. I also take a long time to finally start a series. We did House that way -- we only found it when it was in the last season. But I loved that one. As much as I LOVE zombies, I have yet to watch the Walking Dead.

  5. Lol, you're not the only one. :-)
    Have you seen New Tricks? I LOVED it. Not so much now, when the actors changed and it's oracticly not NT anymore. It's not bad, but it's not the same. I am saving Downton for the christmas holiday. And am looking for Derek. Have you seen it?

  6. Let's see... Private Practice is great if you like Grey's anatomy! I also like Walking dead, once upon a time, Homeland, game of thrones...


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