Monday, June 1, 2009


I had an unbelievable day. I did mention that I still needed a letter from the Embassy which stated that a particular document requested to proceed with the adoption paperwork doesn't exist in my home Country but that I have another one which covers the requirement in any case. Difficult? You bet!
Today here is a bankholiday, which means every office is closed a part from the Embassies, so I went. I was expecting a bit of a battle to get this letter (which I started asking about a month ago by emails, phone calles, and visit to the Embassy), but the incompetency of this woman was just something else. After 3.5 hours wait (mind you, it wasn't crowded at all, there was only myself!) I lost it. I asked to talk to someone in charge, that this was ridiculous, this woman had basically no English, was writing this letter in Italian for God's sake, and with great difficulty!! Of course the letter had to be in English, I could have written it for her, no big deal!
Another person took over, hinted that I should report the incident in writing, wrote the letter for me and I finally left. Mike waited 4 (four!) hours in the car outside the Embassy, we lost half a day of beautiful sushine so decided to celebrate our little victory over bureaucracy with lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant.
Then I wrote the COMPLAINT LETTER. I have to say I am good at it, I still remember it was one of the tasks when I was studing fot the Proficiency Cambridge Certificate! Not sure much will happen but I better not see that woman again.
So tomorrow is the day we'll send out our application pack. All our documents are perfectly arranged in a coloured folder, with headings for every type of certificate, translation, letter etc. Did I mention I am a perfectionist? :o)

Then it'll be in the hands of God or, more likely, of someone else who can help us with this process (by all means, God, if you can help also it'll be greatly appreciated!!)

Still no sign of AF, I'd be happy to have another week without it!
Finally, I am so happy I got another follower! Clare thank you so much for joining my blog! (((Clare)))


  1. Congratulations on getting the letter. Well Done! I'd be writing a complaint letter as well if I were you. Must feel amazing to finally have all of the packet together and be able to send it off.

  2. What is it with embassy staff? I always find they are completely incompetent no matter which country you are from! Good luck with adoption process, i hope it doesn't take long before you get good news!

  3. I hate stupid (and lazy) people.

  4. Congrats on finally getting your paperwork in order! It sounds like it's been quite an ordeal - but I'm positive it's going to be well worth it :-)


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