Thursday, April 15, 2010

AF and other updates

I think I can say I got my period last night! Definitely more than spotting and perfectly on time with respect to the last pill. Now I really hope that this will end at some point and that the spotting will also end or I'll definitely freak out!! My basal scan is on Monday, so I better be done with the bleeding.

I picked up Patches on Tuesday afternoon and he seemed in great form. Whatever food they gave him really worked and he put on a good bit just in a couple of days!! He's on antibiotics (for a change...) for a few days and then we should see how he's doing but they definitely think it's a virus of some kind. I don't think he's eating much at home though, so I'm off the the vet to get some prescription food to mix in with his just to make sure he's not undernourished. By the way, we have to hope that out pet insurance will cover all these expenses or this little kitten has costed us more than a pedigree champion already!! I let you know.
The Dude came back home yesterday morning fresh as a rose, like nothing happened to him at all. Patches was hissing at him at first (you know, he had the house for himself for a night and felt like the king of the jungle) but they were playing together a few minutes later. With The Dude at home, monitoring how much Patches is eating is practically impossible...nothing is ever left in the bowls but it's definitely The Dude showing an appetite!

And finally my parents also arrived yesterday and they are in love with the kitties already! I better go and plan what we are having for dinner, mum is already fretting...


  1. Great News on all ends!!!! Yay! Hope the pet insurance covers it...xoxoxoxoxxo

  2. Great news Fran! Hope your scan goes well.

    Pet insurance? Is that common there? Here it isn't and I don't actually know anyone who has it, but have wondered if it would be worth the expense. I suppose they have a clause to exclude 18 year-old cats though. LOL!

  3. You can try feeding Patches at set times in the bathroom or something with the door closed to monitor what he eats. I know my cats (I have 3!) LOVE the wet food, so if you need to entice him, I'd look for that.

    I have a diabetic cat - and he costs a FORTUNE so I understand where you are.

  4. That's great! I will be crossing fingers for your scan (and for the spotting to be long gone by then).

    So glad both kitties are on the upswing. Sounds like you have your hands full, but can breathe a little easier now!

  5. Great news!!! I hope your scan goes well and you can start your cycle.

    Pet Insurance, what a novel idea. I'm glad to hear Patches and The Dude are on the mend.

  6. Good luck with the scan. Will be thinking of you.

    Glad to hear that the kitty is feeling better. Your pet insurance should cover most of the expenses, minus prescription food and well-kitty visits. I'm so very glad we have it. I can't imagine Guinness' vet bills without it.


  7. Hi Fran - thanks so much for the lovely words you left on my blog. I know you understand the pain of this. Hope your kitties are back on top form soon. xx

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog today.....
    the title of your blog made me sad :( Its true
    though, it feels that way some (most) days!
    I look forward to reading your blog in the


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