Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meds collected

Yesterday I went to the chemist and collected my meds. Due to the fact that Viagra is only allowed on prescriptions for erectile dysfunction (which...strangely...I don't have!) the bill was eye-watering...

Anyway, I have now all my blue pills, the steroids, the clexane, the oestrogen, the aspirins and all the needles and alcohol swabs. And I can't get over the idea that I may be stuffing myself with all this drugs (yet again) for only one penguin which may not survive the thaw. If I had a choice, and if the clinic would have given me the option of going natural even if they say the chances of getting pregnant on a natural FET are lower than on a medicated cycle, I definitely would have gone with no drugs. The gamble here is way too risky. I only have one day-6 blast for which I'm getting ready with the full army of hormones as if I had more.
I wonder if once again I'll fall in the less likely portion of the statistics: one embryo that WILL survive the thaw and a NORMAL PREGNANCY with just one to transfer...can you imagine?

On the other hand I'm still spotting. Including AF is now almost 3's not much at all, but enough to wear a panty-liner every day. It's frustrating to say the least. I'm sure it's the pill but at least I'm only 8 days from the last one. Hopefully it'll all be normal at the first scan on the 19th.

On the 8th I'll start the Suprefact and I better remember to drink like a fish to avoid headaches.

Patches and The Dude are doing very well, it's as if they've always been with us! They are a constant source of love, cuddle, and entertainment...they've grown quite a lot and we track their weight on the Wii Fit! Here some more recent pics!


  1. Yeah for getting all the meds. Well you know what I mean, not yeah for meds, but yeah for getting ready for the transfer. Don't worry, I know you want to, but don't. I have decided to take a break from too much research, I will still stay informed, but on a leser scale. I am so ecited for you Fran and you will be the one who this one penguin sticks it out for I just know it. How cute are the kitties, OMG I love the one where they are snuggling together just precious! Aren't cats awesome? I love em so and I know you are so glad you got yours now too. Big hugs my friend. xoxoxoxo

  2. The ball is definitely rolling! That's a bummer about the viagra bill but I'm so glad you are mere days away. And from what I remember that 6 day penguin was quite a robust little fighter. The 19th is truly just around the corner.

    The cats are adorable - they look entirely comfortable and I bet that there are no memories in their kitty minds of any other home. I love the way they're curled up together.

    (I am facing westward and sending you all of my most positive thoughts. Yours is one of the first blogs I ever started reading and I am so darned anxious to break up my blogroll into pregnant and still trying, and to put you in the former group. Come on, penguin, you only have a few days left of your snowy dreams and then it's time to dig in for the long haul!!!)

  3. I'm happy that you've got all your meds and are ready to start the FET process. I understand your reservations about the meds, but all we have in this thing is hope, so hold onto it!

    The cats are adorable. Love the pictures!

  4. OMG those kits are so cute! I can't imagine mine getting within 3 feet of each other, let along hugging.
    Just curious, are you taking viagra suppositories? Or the oral pills? My RE often uses viagra (as a matter of fact he's did the research as to its effectiveness for the uterine lining), but not in pill form.

    Glad you got all the meds sorted out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your blast suvives the thaw.

    Take care!

  5. OMG, I love that kitty photo! I just set it as the background on our laptop. We are a dog family (crazy Australian cattle dog), but I do love the kitties.

    Wishing great things for you and the penguin. Sending positive vibes and ((hugs))!

  6. OMG! The two of them curled up together is too freakin' cute! Love it.
    Sending you my positive thoughts and love! :-)
    I love that green chair btw.

  7. What an adorable picture of your kitties!! I shrieked out of cute-overload when I saw it :) So glad they are bringing you so much happiness!

  8. Viagra for uterine lining??? Never heard of it..
    I guess I've learned something new today!
    Good luck! :)

  9. Great pics of your adorable kits.

    I am wishing you all the best for this round of transfer.

    You are in my prayers

  10. Good luck with the cycle! Glad you've got a couple cute kitties to cuddle and relax with - maybe that will help a little with the emotional stress of it all?

  11. That is the freaking cutest cat snuggle photo I have ever seen...

    the thing about statistics is that there really is SOMEONE who gets into that little minority. I really hope it's you.

  12. That is so cool and unbelievable how the cats cuddle together - and how they perch on Mike's back!

    Ah, Fran, I SO hope that you are the one to beat the statistics! It can happen, and I will be wishing, praying, hoping and believing that it will happen for you!

  13. cats too cute for words. If that is no inspiration for the penguin...then drinking like a fish should do the rest.
    Making plans...

  14. Such sweet pictures, Franny Fran!

    I understand you'd prefer to do this without the meds, but on the bright side it's a good sign that your doctor is so invested in this FET cycle and wants to give it every possible chance.

    Thinking of you and your little penguin and hoping with all my might that this is it for you!


  15. I stumbled upon your blog today, I just wanted to say that I hope all the meds make it happen. Your cats are adorable!

  16. I LOVE the kitty pictures. They are so sweet and always make me smile.

    I don't blame you for wishing you could do the FET without all of the meds. I would have a hard time with that too. All of that expense... I pray that this works Fran. I sincerely and earnestly pray this works. It IS possible. Anything is possible. We will hold out faith.

    My heart is with you.


  17. Hooray for meds! You are on your way now. Praying that your blast survives the thaw and everything goes well.

    Love the kitties. Such a great idea to keep track of their weight on the WiiFit.


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