Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Pill, Patches and The Dude

Thank God tonight I'm going to take the last pill!! Ohhhh what a relief! With all the spotting (never in the morning mind you, only afternoon and evenings, totally a hormonal thing!) I'm not even sure I'll get a proper period, anyone out there has experience?
The sniffing is going well, I keep myself very well hydrated and had no headache so far, but I'm soooo tired in the evenings, I'm in bed by 10.00-10.30 after a snooze on the couch! Anyway, marching on.

I can't remember if I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago we brought Patches back to the vet because he seemed to have a scratch on his neck which was raised and inflamed. The vet gave us a course of antibiotic for ten days. During that time we noticed that The Dude had become a bit rougher when playing with Patches and was scratching and biting Patches' neck resulting in constant bleeds, new scabs and bold patches!! The poor thing had become less playful and seemed a bit afraid of The Dude. Anyway, we had a letter from the DSPCA to bring The Dude to be neutered on the 29th of April (they reckon is about 6 months old). It was quite obvious that it was just too far away. He's restless and meows a lot (never did it before), so we brought him there on Friday to see if he was ready to be done a bit earlier. After a bit if begging we got an appointment for next Tuesday! The vet nurse also clipped The Dude's nails, at least the damage can be controlled a bit.

All was well in the pet land until friday night when we noticed Patches breathing became quite noisy again....couldn't believe it, we had finished the antibiotics on Thursday morning! On Saturday morning Patches was a bit flat and the breathing the same. I noticed he seemed to have shivers and I basically cocooned him in his blanket thinking he may be running a fever. Then we weighed him and he had lost 200g in 4 days!! I felt so so bad, The Dude is growing steadily, but I had tried to vary the food a bit and Patches never seemed to impressed...anyway, not a good sign by any means.
We phoned the vet and brought him there in the afternoon. He checked out fine, kind of suddenly was a bit brighter, but he did have a temperature. The vet gave him an antibiotic injection and said to us that we need to find which bug he has so that we can treat him properly but that he's optimistic he'll grow out of it. Let's hope so!

Last night he was already better, I reverted to the original kitten food and he had a good bit. We have to bring a poo sample to the vet to check for particular bacteria which may be the cause of the poor health. I think it's more to do with the respiratory system but we'll see.

Today is curtain-washing day! My parents are arriving next Wednesday and mum has this habit of climbing up a ladder and do the won't do it this time mum! You can pot the plants though....


  1. Oh how I know the days of sick kitties.. hopefully once the dude is neutered he will be alot better with patches. Glad you have no headaches, that is awesome. How cute that you will do curtains, when Mom gets there she will be so suprised and have to choose something else huh, very cool Fran. Have a great Sunday girl. Oh Charlie is amazingly better just two days after his surgery, will post about it in a few. He's our little miracle kitty, LOL. xoxoxox

  2. Poor Patches. How lucky he is to have found a family so caring and proactive. :-)

  3. Wow, patches has been through the ringer alread! Hope he bounces back again and is gaining weight in no time.

  4. Poor kits! I hope you get to the bottom of Patches issues soon. Glad you got an appointment for the snip next week. I bet that will mellow him right out. I've never had male cats, but it works wonders for mellowing male dogs...

    The spotting issue. *sigh* I was dealing with the exact same thing. I spotted about a week before finishing BCPs. I was supposed to get my period this past week after finishing the pills and wondered a) how the heck there would be anything left in there and b) how I'd be able to tell the difference. It did get ever so slightly heavier, so I considered that a period. It only lasted for a couple of days though and then nothing. I swear after this last round of BCPs I'm NEVER going back on them. Evil.

    Have a fun visit with your mom! Take care.

  5. sorry Patches is not feeling well. I am sure the dude will be feeling much calmer soon. :) Hoping Patches is better soon too!

  6. Hope kitty feels better. It's so scary when they're sick and can't tell you what's wrong.

    Oh yes, the spotting. I had the same thing happen when I was on bcps for the last cycle. Somehow I did get a period when I came off of them.


  7. Poor kitty! I'm sorry he's so under the weather but hopefully that sample yields some answers and they know exactly how to treat it. And congrats on the last pill!! It's like graduating, isn't it? You're getting ever closer!!

  8. Poor kitty! You're a good mama to your kitties:)
    our kittens all had giardia and it was so hard to treat. Good luck - hope the Dude calms down. Good luck with your transfer and yay for not taking pills any more!
    Tell your mum she can cone over my house anytime!

  9. Hi Fran - I had an IVF cycle where the BCP-spotting resulted in no actual period. This had no effect on my treatment, though. My lining was thin and hormone levels were okay, so we proceeded with stims; starting estrogen for an FET should be the same thing. Good luck!

  10. I'm sorry about Patches. It's stressful to have a sick kitty amidst all the other goings on. The Dude definitely seems like he's getting aggressive and I hope that getting fixed improves things!


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