Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emergency Vet

Yes. Emergency Vet. Patches started being a bit quieter basically the evening of my last post. He was still under antibiotic but I knew there was something wrong. He was less playful and started sleeping on what we have now named "The Sick Chair" up in the office. He was off his food a bit also. Yesterday I found out the pet insurance won't cover any of the expenses for Patches due to a glitch in the when he was sick first (even if unrelated) and the proper start of the cover. We cancelled the policy and at least we will get a full refund.
Last night he was definitely unwell and I measured his external temperature which was at 104 F or 40°C. Very high. We called the after hour emergency Vet which is based in the college I work in and off we went. It was midnight. The Vet confirmed the high temp, suggested it may be an allergy, faxed to our Vet her findings and ideas, gave Patches steroids and something to help him breathe better. We got home around 2am. This morning seemed more or less the same, maybe a bit better but I brought him to our Vet. I got a call around 11 that his temp was up at 104.4 F and she kindly said we may want to consider other options.... I'm in tears as I write this. She said it's up to us and she knows we're paying everything out of pocket and that perhaps it won't be worth it for us and for Patches also. I said we didn't mind and we'd like to have a full blood profile done, test for FeLV again, check for Toxoplasma and anything they can think of. My worst fear is that we put him down and then we find out we could have treated him.
The Vet gave him more steroids and said if the temp wasn't lowering he'll have to be put on fluids. I fear we are torturing him with all these injections and probing and testing and my heart is just in pieces.
I just called to see how he was doing, the temp is nearly normal, he's eaten a bit and the blood is practically normal. He doesn't seem to have a massive infection, FeLV also still negative. If it's a virus they don't know which one it is and we are not sure what to do next. The Vet asked for a consult with a Veterinary Pathologist for which other virus we can test. I will call around 5 to see if we can bring him home.

I know it's ICLW week, I'll post tomorrow a proper post for it, between the little sleep and the heartache my head is not in the right place at the moment. Thank you all for your support.


  1. Oh dear. That is so awful. I wish I had some great advice or insight but I've never had this problem with the cats I had so I'm completely out of advice. Sending you and Patches my love. ((Hugs))

  2. Im so sorry, you have been through so many pet worries lately. I hope they find out what is wrong with Patches. xxx

  3. Poor Patches and poor you! I totally hear your need to do everything you can to save him. I am the same way and can't give up until every option has been exhausted. I take the hit to the wallet too. Having someone you care about around is worth the money.

    I hope they are able to give you some good answers and help the poor mowie.

    Try to get some rest.

    Love and hugs

  4. OMG, the poor little guy, will he ever get better?
    I hope things take a turn for the better more permanently, because frankly, the other option is unimaginable.

    Lots of love!

  5. Fran, how utterly terrible, the poor little fellow. It seems as though he gets sick everytime he returns home. I wonder if it's something in the house making him sick? Allergy like the vet suspected? I would be very curious to see how he does if he were to stay with a friend or family member, just out of curiosity - if it's an option?!

    As sad as it would be if it was just an allergy or something in the house, it would be nice to know that he could have a happy healthy life still, unfortunately not there. Just food for though. i most certainly hope that is not the case, but it beast the alternative, I suppose. xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Oh hon... This is so sad... Poor patches! He is such a fighter... I hope you figure things with all these tests and consultations. I am thinking of you all. Please take care of yourself with this ongoing cycle. (HUGS)

  7. Dearest Fran,
    Your poor baby - good for you for not giving up on him. You have all been through so much together. Maybe if your vet is talking about "other options" you might want to talk to another vet.
    Patches is an inspiration to me and so are you. He's a dear fighter and I really hope that he gets a diagnosis and some treatment. Keep up the good work - you're a great mama!

  8. Oh sweetie. You are living the nightmare that I did for so many months, sick kitty, no proper answers. I'm so, so sorry.

    You and Patches are in my thoughts and prayers.



  9. Poor Patches. Poor Patches Momma. this is horrible...

    extra love...

  10. I am so sorry that Patches is still sick. It hurts so much when they hurt and you have no answers. Sending you and your darling boy lots of love.

  11. I'm so sorry, Fran. :-( I really hope you're able to figure out exactly what is going on with Patches and treat him. Poor Patches. Please keep us posted.

  12. Oh, sweetie! A shiver ran down my spine when I read that the vet suggested you consider "other options." How horrible for you to have to deal with this. I hope the consulting pathologist is able to sort this out finally. My heart is with you and your feline love.

  13. Poor poor baby Patches! I am so so sorry Fran. I truly hope lil Patches pulls thru and that he is just giving you a scare. Oh sweetie it is totally and utterly heart wrenching. Thinking of you xx

  14. Oh Fran, I am so sorry. I am such a wreck when any of our beloved pets are ill - I can certainly appreciate what you're feeling. I hope that they are able to figure out what is going on - my thoughts are with you and wee Patches.

  15. Oh, my dear friend - poor Patchy and poor heart goes out to you all having to go through this - I hope the pathologist gets to the bottom of it and this can all be done with. I'm so so sorry and am sending lots of love and prayers.

  16. I'm keeping you and Patches in my thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping he gets better soon. Poor baby!

  17. Hope Patches feels better. Great blog, can't wait to read more. I'm your newest follower from IComLeavWe.


  18. I'm just reading this now - I'm so sorry, Fran. On top of everything else. This should have gone so easily for you - you deserved for it to go easily and my heart aches for you that it hasn't.

    I am going to think good thoughts for Patches, that those vets can figure out the nature of this virus and treat it accordingly. That this will just turn into a story you tell people one day, about how Patches had a rocky start but became the world's healthiest cat. Hugs to you.


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