Friday, April 30, 2010

Additional weapons

My scan this morning didn't go too well, basically not much progress at all, I think after several attempts the best reading they could get was 6.5mm. Amazingly, the upper wall is really great, healthy looking and homogeneous, the lower one (the one from which the scarring was removed) isn't really doing anything. Basically all the thickness is in the upper wall. Anyway, The Favourite Doc doesn't want to give up just yet, I'm booked in for the transfer for next Friday but I have to have another scan on Wednesday.
To try and progress this lining a bit further I have to up the oestrogen to 6 tablets a day (5 orally and 1 vaginally), add a new drug called Trental which appear to be another thing to improve blood circulation, take Vit E for good luck and finally....the very thing we have all been waiting for...Viagra!! Yes ladies, I am on it. Actually I went back home after the scan to take the first tablet. It's taken vaginally 4 times a day, so far I can say that I feel a bit warmer down below, but no much else.
I'm incredibly ok with the way this cycle is going, and I'm sure you agree that it's far from being exciting or very promising, it could be cancelled on wednesday but ah well...there's nothing I can do about it is there? I'm patting myself on the back for the Zen attitude I manage to master!

I also wanted to update you on Patches. The Ultimate Vet Hero is texting us to see how the patient is doing (can you imagine? She is something else...) and the answer is that he's doing very well. He eats quite a bit more than he used too, and he's becoming more energetic day after day. His breathing is sooooooooooo much better, you can never hear him when he's awake, he's snores a tiny bit when asleep but man, you can't believe the improvement. So as of tomorrow we are starting reducing the anti-inflammatory, I think we continue the antibiotics and we keep everything crossed he won't relapse.

Last piece of news is that Mike's car has arrived in record time!! Just ten days after it was ordered! It appears to have been our destiny car. We also name the cars, so after some thinking this one is called Zoolander (it has a bit of Blue Steel look!). We are very happy and we'll go to visit the in-laws on Sunday for the big outing (they have no idea we got the car!)


  1. Fran - I hope the Viagra and everything else do their work so you'll be ready for your transfer! Sending puffy and luxurious thoughts your way.

  2. Good luck with the viagra. I hear it usually does the trick.

    Yay for Patches progress. Any Dude sightings? Was he micro-chipped?

  3. I think you've got a great attitude about this cycle. If things look good on Wednesday then Friday transfer it is, but if it doesn't it's better to wait.

    I have never taken viagra as part of my treatments. You may have explained this already, but what does it do again?

    Glad to hear Patches is doing better. He's really a little fighter.

    Oh and congrats on the new car! I love that new car smell.

  4. Sending you plump and thick lining thoughts! So good to hear that Patches (and you) are doing so well and that the car has arrived! Keep up the excellent attitude!

  5. Hooray for the car arriving, Viagra, and Patches progress. I hope everything works out with the cycle!!! My thoughts are with you!

  6. Darn on the 6.5, but I am hoping that these big guns they've brought in do the trick, and make a lovely, fluffy lining for your penguin. You have the right attitude and I think making sure that all your ducks are in a line for that penguin (so to speak!) is the right approach. Fingers crossed for your Wednesday scan. (And I'm so glad to hear that Patches is on the mend.)

  7. That viagra had better to its job... or else...

    I am so glad Patches is doing better. You will be amazed at the bond he creates with you for taking such good care of him. What a sweetie.

    I love Zoolander! LOL! "Hey, pop, I think I've got the black lung." ;)

  8. Fran - I am hoping with all hope that your lining this is a good cycle for you. I'm always teasing my husband who is a doc about all the Viagra requests he gets from his male patients and 'what exactly does he have for his female patients with similar complaints?' Anyhow, nice to know that even if big pharma won't produce a Viagra for women, that we women can at least put Viagra to good use battling infertility!

  9. Hope the Viagra does the trick. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Great news that Patches is doing so well. I always thought it was sweet when the vets would call or text to ask about Guinness' status. Continued well wishes to Patches.

    Yay for a new car! Enjoy :)

  10. Hey, I have been trying to find you again/ I have never been here before I found you through Lost and Found. I just wanted to tell you that my cat escaped last year and if you are up for it, get a spray bottle and fill it with your pee. Then spray a path to your door. Cats do not usually go far. I am convinced that is what brought my cat home. I hope you don't think I am a loon now, but as crazy as it is to do that I really feel it worked.

  11. Just stopping by to let u know that I'm thinking of you.

  12. I hope your lining thickens quickly! I'm keeping positive thoughts for your transfer (please, please, please!).

    Still holding my breath for Patches. Can't you post a picture of the Zoolander? Would love to see it!

  13. It's great you're feeling so Zen. That is no small feat. I hope the new drug regimen works some wonders!


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