Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dude update and 4dp6dt

Yesterday we brought the Dude to the Vet for a check up. We thought he was recovering very well and that the abscess was reducing in size, but the Vet said it really needed to be lanced and cleaned properly because the location is an unfortunate one, on the back just above his bum and will find it difficult to completely go away. So we came back with no Dude (we are picking him up this evening) to a very happy Patches being back to be the king of the house! While he never came downstairs in the last few days when the Dude was in the kitchen, he was definitely taking possession of every room last night! And he's doing very very well, his meow is normal (not like a chicken sound anymore) and so is his purring (it always sounded like a pigeon! and nicknamed him Pigeon!). He's playing a lot and eating very well, some new food arrived yesterday (I had placed an order to try out different brands in the hope to find something he ate with pleasure) and although he's not as enthusiastic as he is for the delux food he certainly had a good bit of it too! All going well we'll reunite the two of them this weekend! I feel so good about them, I'm sure there will be no real problem, Patches is so much stronger he should be able for a very playful Dude!

Another day in my 2ww has gone by. I realised all of a sudden yesterday that the day I am supposed to test was actually the due date of my first ectopic pregnancy! How weird. I hardly think about due dates, I don't think it's healthy for me to do so and struggle to see the point in keeping the pain alive longer than it needs to be, so the realization that I actually knew it was a due date came to me as a bit of a shock. Funny how it took a few days before it came to mind. I want to try and be positive that it'll be a good day, strangely I am so distracted that I think I will handle quite well a BFN if that's what is going to be. The fact that I'm going on holiday the day after (to Italy, we have a wedding on the 22nd and then we are off to an island off the coast of Tuscany for a week!) never really worked out well with cycles, I was always thinking "oh, I'll bring the baby skiing while still in the belly" or "I'll relax by the swimming pool eating great-pregnancy-safe food" and sure enough it never happened. So who knows this time, I may be surprised! If not I'll enjoy the holidays to the fullest, can you imagine being in Tuscany and NOT drinking wine, cured ham and fresh cheese? Of course I'd give up even water if it means I get pregnant, but it's a comforting thought nonetheless!
Symptoms-wise the insomnia has set in. This is the absolutely worse part of the 2ww. I wake up between 4 and 4.30. I just have to go to the loo, by the time I'm back to bed I'm fully awake. Then Patches starts purring. This morning I decided I may as well make good use of this time and started listening to my super-duper MP3 player. I may have mentioned in that past that I have a CD for pre-transfer, post-transfer and 2ww relaxation tracks from Zita West, so there I was, imagining my baby growing inside me. Not sure I believe it really helps, but it's certainly no harm!


  1. I think thinking positively is absolutely a help!

    And...TAKE ME WITH YOU! Oh, I would LOVE to see Italy...and how romantic to have a wedding there! Swoon...

    Waiting with you with all appendages crossed and several prayers sent up...

  2. The holiday sounds lovely. And while it would be terrible to turn down all that delicious wine and food, how I am hoping for you that you must sit there and endure those around you stuffing their faces, while you stick to the non-alcoholic, non-raw milk, non-cured meat options:)

    I'm glad the Dude is being attended to, and that Patches is regaining his strength. And that the days are ticking by (if only very slowly).

    (I didn't even know that Zita West had Cd's! I must check those out..)

  3. I am so happy that your little cats are being taken care of by such good parents (and medical professionals).

    I am sending you all my happy thoughts that you go off to Italy with a BFP. And, if you don't mind, why don't you swing by the USA and pick me up!!! How cool that you have friends who are getting married on an island off the coast of Italy. I wish I had friends like that!!

  4. Thinking positively definitely helps! I'm really hoping you get a BFP, and take that little one on his/her first trip to Italy!!!

    So glad the kitties are doing well - good luck with the reuniting!

  5. wow your pending holiday sounds lovely, I am so jealous!!! And I bet you will still eb the happiest person in Italy if you have to decline the wine cheese and ham...because my what a better reason to say no! ;)

    Glad the Dude is being taken care of and that patches is enjoying being King of the castle yet again!


  6. Keep positive Fran.

    One never knows.

    You remain in my prayers.

  7. Tuscany and no wine?? The horror, lol!!! YOu are sure to get a BFP, if for that reason alone. THe universe is cruel like that:)

  8. keeping all things crossed for a BFP!!!

    happy that you are comfortable with the care dude is receiving

  9. I think positive visualization really does help, so I'm glad you're doing it (even if you're not sure you believe it yourself).

    Oh....Tuscany! Will it be too early for the sunflowers to be in bloom? I LOVED the huge fields of girasole. Sigh. And please, have some fresh pecorino for me. My favorite! Yes, you'll have a lovely holiday.

    Interesting about your test date and former due date. I hope it's a positive sign and I'm counting the days along with you till your beta!

  10. Hi Fran - Although I have not been commenting I have been keeping up with you and all of your adventures. First off so glad that Patches is on the mend, the Dude is back and on the mend, and that you are off for a two week holiday! I am so jealous. I want to come along to - I would love to see Italy. Only in my dreams. :) Secondly, I have a good feeling about this last little penguin. I'm sending lots and lots of prayers and thoughts from US to you. Hang in there.

  11. Praying that this is the one for you, Fran!

  12. i totally relate to the holiday "oh I'll be with child when I whoosh off to the tropics next summer" - it's those marker posts. yuck, I hate it. As for zita west, glad to hear they work - I've slightly given up on minex

  13. I read your blog over the weekend (from my phone), and it was killing me to not comment! (Yes, I realize it is Wednesday night right now, but I got to blogs as soon as I could!)

    I AM SO EXTATIC THAT THE DUDE IS HOME!!!! When I read that this weekend I almost cried.

    Sorry to hear about his absess and its... er... location. I am sure the vet will have him back to rights in no time.

    Ahhh! TWW! I am on tender hooks. My fingers are crossed, as are my toes. I'll even braid my hair if it will help. Heck, I'll braid my dog's hair too! I am totally praying for you guys!


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