Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning Permission Approved!

We got the news today from our architect (who's back from his honeymoon) that the County Council had approved our planning to convert the attic!! Woohoo!!

This is brilliant news and our architect will be in touch in the next couple of days to see what our next step is! So exciting!! It may be likely that we will be able to do the work over the summer so that means we have probably to find a place to stay while the job gets done.

So this is one good news, we'll see tomorrow what will happen at the scan. I have started my progesterone support (PIO and pessaries) on Sunday as if everything is right on track for Friday. Again, I'm really relaxed about it all. It'll go whichever way it has to.

And today i spoke with the girl who would be happy to look after Patches when we are away. Just let me tell you that she is perfect for the job. Both herself and the boyfriend had cats before and they totally love them. She said she was happy that Patches was an indoor cat as she would have been very nervous at letting him out (music to my ears!) and that their cats were always in the bed with them so Patches' paradise really! Also she lives very near us and the Ultimate Vet Hero which is of comfort. About having her minding Patches in our place I think it wouldn't work out too well because we'll be away for over two weeks, so a bit too long. We'll talk to the Vet on Friday for her opinion. So far Patches is dong well on the lower dose of meds, so fingers crossed!


  1. Woohoo on the attic! That is great news!

    I totally have my fingers crossed for this cycle. It HAS to work. Why? Because I said so!

    So glad you feel good about letting that girl cat-sit. If she is close by that will help a lot.

    All good news! Keep it coming Fran!

  2. That's great news about the attic - very exciting to remodel the home! I also have a pet-sitter when I leave town. I have dogs, but I have always had cats too, and it makes it so much better to have someone watch your pets at home instead of taking them to a kennel or something.

    Good luck this cycle!!!

  3. Great news across the board!!! I am so happy things are going smoothly, so nice just to have things come together!

  4. Great news! Congrats!! And your cat-sitter sounds just perfect!

  5. P_R_A_Y_I_N_G....and I mean that with all sincerity.

  6. Sounds like loving temporary accommodation for Patches! Good. I bet this means he won't pine nearly as much. And I'm crossing fingers for you tomorrow. But I think you have exactly the right attitude. That penguin isn't going anywhere, so being in the best position to welcome it home seems like the best of all worlds. (Though, I do hope that this is the month for you).

  7. Sounds like you've got gobs of good news! That's awesome! I'm so glad that the girl looks like she'll work out for taking care of Patches.

  8. I so love good news.

    You remain in my prayers Fran.

  9. YAY!!!

    And fingers crossed tightly!


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