Monday, May 3, 2010


I had a dream the other night that my cycle was going to be cancelled on Wednesday because the lining had become too thick! The Fav Doctor in the dream was saying it was now 34mm! Right, that's not likely to happen but maybe I feel this cycle is busted anyhow. We'll know soon enough.

For now I'm enjoying the side effects of Viagra...oh man...How did I live before?? I'm not sure if it is because I'm on 4 tablets a day (what's a dose for a man anyway?) but the mojo is flying high!

Hem hem...moving on...

Patches seems to be still well, we have lowered the anti-inflammatory drugs, he's eating regularly but not much, it may even be that he's not a big eater. He's not losing or gaining weight for the moment so I'm not sure this is really normal. We'll go back to the Ultimate Vet Hero on Friday for a check up. It is also time to get him neutered, but again I'm not sure we can do it just yet. We are off on holidays in two and half weeks and I'm getting a bit worried about leaving him. We have found a lovely cattery but just two days ago one of my students' friend said she'd love to look after Patches when we are gone. Now... that's lovely of course, but Patches has special needs...I don't want her to feel guilty if he does get sick (the Vet thinks it's stress related so it's likely he'll go down hill a bit when we are gone) on the other hand, undivided attention may be better than solitude...again we'll ask the Vet on Friday.
Still no sign of the Dude, thanks to all of you for the kind advice, nothing seems to be bringing him home (and no advice is silly at all!!). We went up to the shelter and spoke with the girl who followed our kittens-adoption process. She said that maybe Patches is actually better off on his own given that he seemed to be sicker when the Dude was around...I don't know...we'll wait for while anyway.

It's holiday here today, so we are relaxing and enjoying the good weather (and sheets...)

BWUB, I'll post a pic of Zoolander soon!


  1. WOW, I had no idea Viagra worked for women as well! Nice side effect :)

    Good to hear things are going well with Patches. My advise would be to leave him in your house while you're away and have your student house sit. Low stress on everyone.

    Enjoy your bank holiday!

  2. oh sweet Patches...

    And I'm thinking really positive good things for you and sending extra prayers! You, of all people, need some good things to happen right about now! xoxo

  3. What a funny dream! Enjoy your day off.

  4. Viagra? Wow. Well, I hope you enjoy it! That's a nice side effect!

    I am so happy that Patches is feeling better.

  5. Wow, yes, tell us more about the viagra! I naively didn't even know you could take it as a woman...

  6. I had a dream this weekend that you came to the US and I got to meet you. You were absolutely adorable!

    Mojo is always a good thing to have. It keeps the love and lovin' alive. Love on!

    I agree with CP, have your student house sit. That way Patches gets to stay in his own home rather than fear he has been taken somewhere new to get used to again.

  7. OMG, can you imagine shedding a lining that big? Ugh. Glad it was just a dream. I'm really hoping that you don't get cancelled and that all the meds are doing their job. And good for you with the Viagra...sounds like fun. :-) I'm sorry about the Dude. I was really hoping he'd come home. Maybe he will. I've heard stories of animals finding their way back so we shall see.

  8. I've thought about doing an IF/Jung-style dream book but I decided against it because I'd probably just frighten myself:)

    And I'm thinking if the Viagra is working in one area (hehehe...I'm hoping I'll be put on it just to see!) it may very well be working (nicely) in another. Fingers crossed for a lovely thick lining.

    I'm glad Patches is doing better, and you may yet see a return of the Dude. The ideal situation: Patches mends completely and then the Dude shows up. I'll hope hard for this scenario.

  9. Lot's of Nice&Fluffy Lining vibes your way! when is your next u/s?

  10. Yay for Viagra!!!

    Im sure your lining will be excellent tomorrow, waiting with bated breath to get an update...

  11. Love that you're getting increased mojo... Nice side effect!

    Thinking good thoughts for you and this cycle - hopefully your dreams are unfounded... aren't dreams crazy???


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