Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a day...

Ah girls, you are fantastic. So yesterday was completely the opposite of what you would hope you'll do on the day of a transfer. Feet up and rest, right? Well not quite.
First we had to deal with Patches who took very badly the fact that the Dude was back in the house. I actually think he spiked a temperature. We kept them separated all the time because the Dude was sneezing a lot with very watery eyes. The poor thing had this massive swelling on his lower back we had to go to the emergency vet. It turned out he had high temperature also and a big abscess probably due to a bite. The vet syringed out almost 10mL of pus, gave him antibiotics and we were sent back home. By the time we went to bed it was almost 1am...on the day of my transfer!! Not good... The Dude has eaten almost a week worth of food in a few hours, he's so skinny and dehydrated he must have had a very tough time outdoor. We bought a second litter tray, we just cannot risk Patches getting sick again with another virus. We called the Ultimate Vet Hero to let her know we found the Dude (this before I realised he had been bitten) she was delighted and this morning she phoned to see how things had gone. We told her we were concerned for Patches, he's been through so much, what if he relapsed? And what can we do with the poor Dude who's now craving for affection like it's going out of fashion? Remember the Dude was the one very very shy and almost never wanted you to pet him. We agreed that the best thing would be to find at least a temporary foster home until the Dude has got over his flu and the abscess completely cleared. We don't know how likely to find someone is going to be, but Mike has now gone to the DSPCA to see if they can help (they didn't help at all when we called last night). I'm trying to take it easy today, I don't really want to run around too much and I'm giving Patches as much affection as possible to reassure him. He's eaten well this morning and he's sleeping on my lap now. Having the Dude back home gave us mixed feelings to be honest. We are worried for Patches and we feel really sorry for the Dude. This morning we tested the Dude reaction in front of an open window....he didn't go near it!! Good sign. Hopefully we'll find the best solution soon.

And by the way, can I patent this process as the best thing to keep your mind off the 2ww madness? It's working like a treat!


  1. OH My Goodness!!! The action never stops there, does it?! I must ave missed a post that Dude was back!!!! Hooray! (except for his absess and fever,Boo hoo).

    I don't envy your position right now, I wouldn't know what to do with Dude and Patches.

    You kick those feet up and relax's your rest time and taking care of number 1 is most important.


  2. I missed your update last night - wow!! The Dude returneth! And what a hectic day you had on the very day of your transfer (though, I take your point about taking your mind off the 2ww). They say blood flow is very important for implantation, right? Well, I'm guessing you had a lot of it yesterday in the running around:)

    But I think being cautious about how you'll proceed with both cats, and looking out for both of them, is a very good idea. Fingers crossed you can find a good foster until both cats are fully mended. (And, especially, that you really can relax today!)

  3. Wow... a lot happening there! I am hoping Dude heals well. As much as it would be nice to have a calm 2ww... this definitely is going to nake your 2ww wait fly away!

  4. Holy cow, you've had a couple of crazy days!

    Glad the Dude is back, I hope he heals quickly!

    Good idea to rest today, and let Mike run around...wishing, hoping, and praying for wonderful news at the end of this 2WW!

  5. Wow! What a crazy day! I hope you can figure something out with those kitties of yours! And make sure you rest up!!!

  6. Yeah yeah yeah! Yeah for an awesome blastie on board, this is THE ONE. And yeah for the Dude being back, albeit alittle nerve wrecking with Patches, but yeah girl! This 2ww is gogin to pass before you know it. xoxo

  7. Fran - so great to hear the Dude is back! And rest easy about such a hectic day on day of transfer. My last transfer, the doc basically admitted the whole 'bedrest for 24 hours' thing was mostly a psychological thing rather than any proven medical need. It's great to have something to keep one occupied in the 2ww.

  8. Wow and yippy yay! What a miracle for your blast thawing so excellently! Sorry for being late to your party, but Pupo on mother's day sounds awesome.
    Didn't you say your holiday is in two weeks? but hopefully with a six day blast the 2ww is over just before then?
    Lots of cat stroking and purring to do before then, sounds like preparing for anything life could send your way.
    big hugs from Amsterdam

  9. My Dearest Fran, I am so sorry I have not been a very good friend keeping up with your posting. So I come here now and find wonderful news! I am going to pray so hard that your little blast becomes your newborn baby 9 or so months from now. Please, please, please! I'm happy to hear that the transfer went beautifully and there is every reason to belive this will work! Please keep thinking positively about your baby, I truly believe it helps!

    And also, my heart just sighed a huge relief when I read that you found The Dude! Of course he will need some care and I think you are doing the best thing to help both The Dude and Patches. You are such a good Mom. Caring for everyone, managing the difficulties and figuring out the best methods. I am so happy for you. :) Love and hugs.

  10. Yay for a good blast on board and an easy transfer!

    Yay for having found the Dude (hope he gets better soon)

    Yay for Patches coming right!

    Yay for plans being approved :)

    SO much going on for you right now honey, I sure hope that the next Yay moment I have is when you get that wonderful BFP!



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