Monday, May 10, 2010

Good News in Petland and 3dp6dt

All is good in the pet compartment, the Dude's abscess is definitely improving, his appetite is incredible and we think he's recovering well. He's still in the isolation ward like Mike called it (he's in the kitchen!) but he's been allowed to the living room when Patches is upstairs. I actually think Patches loves having everything upstairs, for one thing he has a better view out the window!
Also we finally have found the food that Patches eats with pleasure! Again this is thank you to the Ultimate Vet Hero. So I've now placed an order for a mega supply of that brand which is fully natural with no additives so we may have to supplement some vitamins. But it's such a pleasure seeing him running to the food the minute it's put down.
We'll bring the Dude to the Vet this evening for a follow up after the emergency vet, he'll probably get a de-worming tablet also.
We are actually managing quite well the situation, so we have abandoned the idea of finding a foster home for the Dude. I think it was a bit of a shock when we had him back in the house, but we are now totally in love with him again and we are confident we are all going to be ok. We'll keep Patches and the Dude apart at least until the Dude has finished his course of antibiotics (only a few more days) and we may continue to have separate litter trays, we'll see if that works or not. The Dude also eats so much and so fast that we will try and feed them separately.
We will board the Dude in the place we had booked and we'll have Patches in a house environment as decided, we still think it'll be better this way. So all is going well, for now at least!

And today is 3 days after my transfer, I rested a lot yesterday and of course I have all the progesterone induced symptoms, but I've been there too many times to be fooled, I'm allowing myself to be positive, without giving into the madness and so far, with the help of the cats it's working well! I forgot to mention that the official test day is the 19th of May, the day before we are off on holiday, I don't want to test early, it never brought me any good news, we'll see how long I last!


  1. Good luck with the FET. I've got hope for you.

    Wow, you've been through the ringer with pets! It's a good thing you really love them. I think many people would have given up by now. Dude and Patches are lucky to have such committed people. I hope the transition continues to go smoothly for them.

    Take care.

  2. Good luck with the waiting for the testing. You testing on 19 and I'm testing 17.

    May this be the last process you will have to go through. Hope and pray this is you cycle.

    Take care

  3. I have marked the 19th on my karmic calendar and am sending such good thoughts for that day! Am glad that you have some time to rest. I think your plan with Patches and the Dude is really good, especially keeping them apart for now. I hope that when you get back from your holiday, it will be all smooth sailing. And you can proceed with two super healthy kitties (and, most especially, a lovely, healthy bean).

  4. I'm so happy the pets are doing well! Sounds like things are definitely looking up!

    Good luck on this wait! I'm awful at waiting to test...

  5. Such great news about the Dude. And Pathces spolied little thing, lucky kitty. I know the 19th will be awesome this time girl, I feel it. So you will be on holiday, how will you test? I forgot, if you mentioned it, where are you going? I will be away as you know and with no internet access- so I will panic until I get home and be able to check in on you. xoxoxo

  6. Praying for you as always. It is your turn now. I just know this is going to be IT for you!

  7. Good luck with waiting on testing. That is my plan this time too. Um, well, we'll see how it works. Progesterone is the devil when it comes to thinking about symptoms.

    I am so glad to hear Patches and the Dude are doing okay! My pets have had health problems, and it can be so tough. But, they also help me so much through the hard times.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  8. So glad the pets are ok!
    Much Much luck with your upcoming test!

  9. What a relief about the kitties! I'm also marking the calendar to continue to send all the best thoughts your way. I'm very familiar with that prog fakeout. I'm crossing fingers for you. You are on a roll right now!

  10. There must be much joy in your household these days! Two increasingly happy kitty cats and lovely baby hopes. So the 19th it is...[please, please, please]...only 9 more days!

    Love and blessings to you, Mike, the newly growing baby and your sweet kitties.

  11. Thinking of you often, my dear friend, and hoping beyond hope that the 19th brings the best news ever!


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