Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another week: 27, pics and other updates

Another week has gone by...according to some tickers/books/calendars etc I appear to have entered the third trimester. According to other tickers/books/calendars that won't be until next week. Mmh. Confusing a bit. Given that yesterday was the 23rd and my due day is the 23rd of January I think I'm only 3 months away from the true miracle hence welcome third trimester!

First news is on my weight update. Sadly I have to admit to another Kg piling up on me. Officially +13 kg this morning. I'm not worried at this stage mind you, just stating the fact. I'm regularly doing kick/movements counting (as in several times a day!!) as you know I'm a bit obsessed with a few things and depending on whether Elvis is active or not, it may take from 2 minutes (very active!) to 20 minutes (I think when he's almost asleep) but I think it's ok as the 2 minutes pattern happens at least once a day and the most common time-scale is 5-10 minutes. I definitely want to find out more about baby activity though as I certainly can't say Elvis moves all day long, and what's not clear to me is if in any given hour of the day I should feel him at least 10 times. Seems strange if that's true. Any thoughts?

Everything else about the pregnancy is well, I eat and sleep ok (getting up once or twice), feeling quite thirsty too. No swelling at the moment and my "even week" went by in a positive frame of mind. We'll see about this next one!

I have my OB appointment on Tuesday morning and here are a few questions for the doctor.

1) Movements, patterns, sleep/wake times of the baby. When exactly should one get concerned?
2) Flu vaccine, should I do it? I would rather not, but I'll listen to what he says.
3) Glucose test. I hear several people in blog-land have generally done it already, but again I'm not sure if in Ireland you have to do it if you have some signs or risk factors (which I don't think I have)

In other news. We have ordered the cot that I mentioned in the previous post and pram system!! I thought it would have taken a few weeks but apparently we will get things delivered at the end of the week aaahaggghhhh!! Breathe innnn and out....A fab cycber friend from a local board gave me loads of tips on the pram system and above all the car seat, so given that the system we chose is able to accommodate several type of car seats we decided to get it and decide later on the car seat. I'll post pics of it when we get it as I can't find a proper link to the pram system. Meanwhile, here's my last set of belly shots (I'll change outfit for the next ones as the white top isn't making much of the contrast with the wall behind)!

But the big big news is on the Attic Project! We are starting on the 1st of November!! So this weekend we are fully clearing out the office and Mike will bring down boxes from the attic so that the builders can work. They will definitely finish by Christmas and they hope even sooner than that. We also bought the wooden floor that Mike will put down himself. The only things we are still missing are the tiles (we saw them but not bought them). I'll take pics of the developments for sure! We will be moving out next weekend too so there is a lot of planning and packing to do!


  1. Fran - so glad to hear that you and Elvis and doing so well. Good luck with the attic project!

  2. Look at that belly :)

    We have similarities: both due on the 23rd (but you are 3 months ahead of me), and both have OB Tuesday!

    Congrats on reaching the last tri!!! Time is FLYING!

  3. OMG you have the perfect baby bump. I can really see where it filled out in the last week...whatever you gained went right to the belly, don't feel bad at all!

    So excited about the attic project, I love seeing home projects. Can't wait to see pics. We are about to remodel or master bath, hope to have it completed before thanksgiving- Yikes!

  4. Yay for 3rd tri... & 27 weeks is another viability milestone!!! About movement, remember I was on HUAM. We often discussed movement with the nurse, and I remember her mentioning that around 27-28 weeks there is a big growth spurt and they are piling on lbs! So their movement varies depending on what stage of development they are at.

    Flu vaccine - if you take it, the baby will be immunized for the first 6 months. Not sure how bad flu season is in Ireland... But you taking it might be benificial in the long run. Also, vaccines, if at all are to bother the baby, the risk is higher in the first trimester.

    Good luck with the attic project! I hope you guys get done before Jan!

  5. How cute is your belly! Love it!

    Glad to hear that everything is going so well!

  6. Third trimester! WOW! Seeing your bump growing makes my heart sing :)

    Can't wait to hear about, and follow along in pictures, the attic project!

  7. So glad things are going good. I am 19 wks and still haven't felt baby move, but thank goodness for the doppler so I can listen to his heartbeat! We go in tomorrow to see baby.

    I got my flu shot a few weeks ago. The recommend all pregnant women get it. But your dr may have a different opinion.

    Can't wait to see the attic project pictures! And I love your belly pics too!

  8. You look Great!!!! Def does not look like you have gained what you have:)

    So fun to be getting all the baby items and to working on your remodel....Time will sure fly!!!

    It is very interesting to see the differance in medical testing etc...between the US and Ireland:) I did get the Flu shot even though normally I dont....My Dr. gives it after the first trimester when everything is developed....Since I will be in my 3rd trimester when it is the height of flu season I did not want to take my chances as my luck isnt that great...Anyways have a great week!!!

  9. I don't know anything about normal fetal movement and what we're supposed to be feeling. Little G is not overly active, but let's me know a few times a day that she's in there and active. Maybe it's the anterior placenta that muffles the movements.

    Congrats on your purchases and also on having a date to move forward with the attic project.

  10. Eeek!!! Look at your cutsie belly!! I wish I could reach out and touch it (is that a weird thing to say? probably).

    Wish I could give advice on normal fetal movement etc but honestly have no clue. I do know that I'd be paranoid as hell as well and would be asking the same questions you are. So maybe I'll stay tuned and see what your other wise readers have to say.

    take care Fran. x

  11. Your belly adorable!!!

    YAY for the 3rd TRIMESTER!!!!!!!

  12. little elvis keeps growing and growing. that is fabulous!
    so happy for you!

  13. I remember drinking a lot of water during my pregnancy too. I think it is pretty normal, especially when you consider how quickly the amniotic fluid is replaced.

    I didn't do my GD test until 28 weeks, so I think you're fine there too.

    Glad to hear everything is still going well. I can't wait to see pictures of the pram system you bought. :)


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