Sunday, October 3, 2010

Milestone two: 24 weeks

We got this far! So happy! I know this is a big big step towards in fact having a baby in January. At 24 weeks there is already a chance of survival should something happen... (but no kidding anyone, that chance is still very small).
If little Elvis has grown according to my book, he should be about 700gr. Still smaller than Patches who's as light as a feather and around 2 kg! I can hardly imagine a baby that small!
I also stepped on the scale again this morning, I hadn't done it in 4 weeks, everyone is telling me they don't believe I had put on so much weight and yet, unless the scale has some sort of specific hate for me I was +11kg at 20 weeks. Today it says I'm 69kg which makes a total +12kg. According to my OB/gyn this should be the total gain at the end of my pregnancy. Boohooo.... But it's only a kg in four weeks...can I celebrate with a huge cake? eheheh
So where is it all piling up? Boobs are number one. Although I still fit somewhat in a D cup, I'm much more likely a comfortable DD. I was a B cup before pregnancy. Some change!
The belly is probably number two. It's rounder and hopefully bigger. I don't have a photo from last week as I was away, so I'm hoping this next series (24-28 weeks) will show some significant change. A bit of fluid retention maybe contributes too, even though after coming back from the Azores I didn't have significant swelling of the ankles anymore which is a great relief. Anyway, that is the weight gain at the moment, even though I don't see it on me that much.
I feel very well, I sleep OK now, getting up a couple of times to go to the bathroom (I'm starting to believe that the fact that you get up less to pee in the second semester is an urban myth!) but not complaining. Back pain is not significant for now and I'm going to yoga tomorrow night so we'll see if I manage, but I'm positive it will help.
Eating normally, no real cravings, still love chocolate but trying to limit the intake!
Energy level is good too, I'm back in the full teaching swing and doing well.

Next thing happening is my OB visit on tuesday. I'm going to get on his scale and see what that says since week 12. Feeling a bit more relaxed also which is just great (finally! Some of you may say...) Elvis is moving regularly and I started feeling him even when I'm standing up!

Just a quick update on the Attic Project: we should be getting 3 quotes by October the 15th! Hoping to start a week later at the latest. I know it seems this is taking ages, I hope once they are actually starting it will be quicker.
And finally, I treated myself to an Iphone 4! Whowhooo totally loving it! This has become the new toy now...


  1. Congrats on hitting this important milestone!!! Can't wait to see pictures:)

  2. Congratulations! HUGE milestone and I can't wait to see pics :) I thinks my boobs are headed in that direction, LOL. It sounds like you are hitting a great part of the pregnancy :) I CANNOT wait!

  3. I can't wait to see Elvis! This is all so exciting. I'm super happy for you.

  4. Congrats on 24 weeks! Isn't it an amazing feeling to hit that milestone? I can't wait to see a belly pic!!

  5. Awesome news! Sounds like you are really hitting your mid second trimester stride! I have bonuses what the weight means because I only know pounds and stones - I hope they don't give you too hard a time about it!
    Keep up the good work, mama!

  6. Yay for the viability milestone!!!!!

    Can't wait to see the updated pics. I've just added a few to my previous updates!

  7. Way to go Elvis!
    Watch out Patches, Elvis is gaining on you.

  8. Wohooo... COngrats on Viability! :)

  9. What a HUGE step....24wks is Major...How calming and reassuring to know each day you get closer and closer to knowing that Elvis is safer and safer:))) I have been doing pretty good with my weight but this last couple of weeks Ive had a 4lb jump...I hope it is the extra blood volume the Dr. said I would be gaining...I get weighed tomorrow:(

  10. 24 weeks is a momentous milestone, congratulations! I wouldn't worry about the weight gain, there's not anything you can do about it right now and as long as Elvis is happy then it is what it is. Here's hoping your next appointment goes really well!

  11. Yaay for such a great milestone!!! It's great to be 24 weeks and everything going so so well!!! Don't worry too much about the weight sweetie.. I also gained a lot fast but it slowed down and now oer the last couple of weeks I have even lost weight.. some people gain fast some slower..enjoy your round belly and I found D loves my new boobs!! LOL

  12. Congratulations! What an important milestone!

  13. Fran, I nearly did a double take when I saw that you're at 24 weeks! Yippee!!! And every week that goes by little Elvis gets that much stronger. It gives me hope.

  14. There is something oddly comforting about knowing you have hit viability. Little Elvis had dang well better stay in there for at least another 12 weeks though. Hear that little guy?

    I am sadly envious of your *ahem* boo.b growth. I had hoped my whole life my girls would grow like that when I got pregnant. They didn't. They just went from a barely C to a full C. I got jipped. lol

    I'm glad to hear everything is going so well. You deserve this!


  15. It's so real for you Fran! I am overjoyed at these updates. I can't wait to see pictures.

    Also, horrified on the boob changes as I'm starting a D here. I will need to hire ambitious short people to carry the bazoombas at your rate of growth! And I'd still do it with great joy. :)

  16. Hurray for week 24! It IS a huge milestone. I did the kgs->lbs math. I wouldn't be too worried about the weight gain, I think you're still doing great. Besides, so much of it is in your upper half! Like Saige, I too hoped that one day I'd be pregnant and finally have large, full boobs for a while. My B sized bra fit me all the way through my pregnancy, although I humored myself by buying several C cups!

    I hope the OB appointment goes well. It sounds like a lovely, textbook pregnancy so far! (fingers crossed).


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