Sunday, October 17, 2010

A bigger eggplant I suppose...26 weeks!

I like the even weeks. Somehow I feel more relaxed in those. A good cyber friend made me notice that this is very unusual so I started thinking how can this be. Well, first of all it seems that all the big milestones in a pregnancy are happening in even numbers....12 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, and so on. Then my OB appointments were generally on even weeks, and even if I don't have one this week the next one is only 9 days away.

First big news to report is that I am the same weight this week too! 69kg!! woohoo delighted with myself (it means I'm holding steady at +12kg). In all honesty probably it's going towards 70kg, but the needle was not there yet so it doesn't count until next week.
Elvis has now almost predictable patterns of wake and sleep. I am quite sure is very awake at night even though he doesn't wake me up at all, but yesterday we went to bed very late and it was all go go go in my belly. I feel he's definitely head down as the strongest movements (which I attribute to kicks) are up high. Then he's awake early morning when I stay in bed a few more minutes after the alarm has gone off. Mid morning I get usually another few flips and kicks. then afternoon and before dinner and again before going to bed. I admit I do get nervous if I think it's been a while since he kicked me, and I repeat to myself that he has to sleep too and the doctor said babies sleep for 1 or 2 hours at the time.
We still check the heartbeat with the doppler and now we are picking up on rate variations which is apparently a good thing! Admittedly I freaked out the first time I realised that while listening the rate seemed to be picking up pace and then slow down...we are still talking of rates never lower than 140 and never higher than 160. I've read that it has to do with the nervous system developing further.

Another big step we made is that we started looking at cribs and strollers!! Oh dear, the choice is huge! But we are quite set on the crib which is a modular system which transforms into a bed and you can use it until the baby is about 3 years old and we think at that point we'll move him into a proper size bed. Here are some pics. The brand is Stokke and it's known to be quite expensive but we found a UK based website which has great deals!

The crib system

The bed (it's the crib with extra panels added and bigger mattress)

Initially we were looking into babybay and co-sleeping solutions but we like this one a lot more.
On the stroller the jury is still out. Again we need something light frame-wise as we live on a first floor duplex which means we have stairs to get to the front door. We are thinking to get a travel system which combines a carrycot, a car seat and the stroller for when he's a bit bigger.

Finally a quick update on the Attic project. The architect has received the 3 quotations and we are going to look at them tomorrow! Woohoo!


  1. WooHoo!!! So exciting!
    And that crib- I've never seen an oval shaped one before. That is really cool!

  2. I love that crib! So very cool! Everything is progressing nicely! Good job on stabilizing the weight gain, I know that doesnt come without effort. xoxoxoxox

  3. We've managed to get the Stokke high chair and stroller 2nd hand and will get the crib if we ever find someone selling it. My husband is crazy about the brand!

  4. I have never seen a crib like this very unique and different I like it:)

  5. cute crib! I've never seen one like that. So much fun getting to shop for all these things!!

  6. That's interesting about the even vs. odd weeks. It makes perfect sense to me. And what a beautiful crib!

    Glad Elvis is going strong. And that he lets his mama sleep:)

  7. Yay for no weight gain - nice work! Also, I love the crib - very cool!

  8. Just wanted to stop by and tell you that yes, you made me smile! Thanks for that! I'll be practicing my face... :)

  9. I think I'd like even weeks better too but thats maybe because I find odd numbers less comforting. Even numbers seem nice and round and balanced. Totally ridiculous that the 'feeling' of a number should have any merit, but anyway.

    Good luck with the baby purchases!!

  10. What an interesting looking crib! I've never seen one like that before. Pretty cool.

    So glad to heat that things are moving along and everything looks great!

    Can't wait to hear/see more about the attic project!

  11. Your explanation about feeling better on even weeks makes perfect I understand!

    I LOVE the crib. Gorgeous. I'm sure you'll find a wonderful stroller and the "travel system" is a good idea.

    I really enjoyed reading about Elvis' movement patterns. It took me right back to my pregnancy. I had forgotten that my baby used to wake me up every night at 3 am, rolling around and doing gymnastics!

    Finally, it sounds like you might have some construction under way soon!

  12. We have the Stokke cribs (x2), changing table, and high chairs (x2). All entirely worth the money. Every single person who's ever walked into the nursery has raved about the cribs. I also trust Stokke (and other European) companies more safety-wise than I trust baby goods made elsewhere.

    I would have gotten the Stokke stroller too, if I'd had one baby! Doesn't come in double. :)

  13. Oh and by the way if you get the junior conversion kit, it extends the length of the toddler bed and they can use it until about age 7. At which point you convert it to two chairs! I love it!


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