Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The baby show, first purchase and yoga

The baby show was good. We were there mid afternoon and it closed at 6pm, so it wasn't too crowded and we got loads of goodies! I have to say, although it was obviously going to be the case, I was overwhelmed by the amount of pregnant women in the one spot. Looking at some of the due dates at the stands (nearly all of them asked for our email address and due date to send info and vouchers etc) I was shocked to see some couples been at the show and due as late as April. I admire and envy their confidence to be honest.
The main points were that we booked a prenatal training class which run in one day only from morning to afternoon (rather than a few evenings) and it's close to home which is always a great bonus. We got a book on pregnancy in Ireland for free and actually it is written by our OB's colleague and came highly recommended. We didn't buy it as we had the "What to expect..." one, but you never say no to a freebie! It's good I have to say. We got a few lotions, baby products and a cute bath-towel from various suppliers which I put in the one box once I got home. We made our first purchase which was...drum rolls please...a Baby Monitor! Here I go again with the anxiety I know, but it was great value and exactly the one I wanted. And we got a small baby bottle (another freebie) which works with a complicated system to avoid colics. We'll see if it works and if it's needed! We spent a lot of time learning about eco-friendly products like reusable nappies, we'd like to give it a go, I'm quite realistic and I think it'll be likely we'll have a mix of disposable and reusable, but it's better than nothing I suppose! I'm looking also at buying a sling to carry the baby around, I have a couple of friends who swear by it. We are learning plenty on 3 in 1 travel systems, still no idea which one to get. And I think I want to get a German co-sleeper type of cot, but that'll have to be an eBay purchase I think.
So I came home quite happy and believing a little more in our miracle.

Then I went to yoga last night. to be honest the exercising is good but I don't particularly like the teacher. The lesson should last 90 minutes (and it costs 18 euro which is pretty steep even for Dublin) and I think she chats for about 30 about her philosophy of yoga and how she works with energy and feelings and the whole person so it's very difficult to put it on paper but she has a DVD you should really really buy as it's on special offer this month...come on!!! Can we get going already?? Note that she insists you pay a set of lessons (I paid 10 up to Christmas despite my difficulties of seeing ahead) and not because there is any advantage for you (normally you do pay overall a little less than if you were to pay each lesson individually) only so that she can bank on your money. So this part I hate. She asked a girl how her husband found the couple night last week and she said that for 18 euro (the partner pays extra, it's not like a night where he/she can just join in as part of the course) it would have been helpful to have maybe a short handout with poses and movements etc. Oh God, I'm sure she regretted saying his as the above mentioned conversation then took place. The teacher even said that maybe she should charge more and include her DVD (would you stuff that DVD up your....and shut up?) as she knows there are teachers charging even 100 euro per couple... outrageous right? But I checked it up too and normally this is a workshop lasting a day, not 90 minutes!! Anyway, I don't think I would recommend her to be honest, I'd rather be more practical and down to breathing exercises and loosening muscles....what do you think?


  1. I'm not sure what part of Dublin you're in, but my friends went to yoga near Herbert Park and I know they enjoyed it. Not sure if you're looking for a recommendation (since you've paid in advance which totally sucks), but I can get it for you if you'd like!

  2. Oh my a chatty instructor....Maybe as class goes on she will talk less...or worse maybe you will have to listen to the same speal every week...:(

    Sounds like Baby show was worth your time....So what kind of bottle did you get? I registered for Tommy Tipee bottles since they are newer to the states and supposed to be the best for breast fed babies...Take care

  3. Glad the baby show went well! And congrats on your first purchase - a baby monitor will definitely come in handy!

    The chatty instructor does not sound good - I hate people that are always trying to do the upsell... Hope she gets better!

  4. ohhh well the baby show sounded good!

    The yoga teacher would TOTALLY annoy the crap out of me. Yoga is a whole body/mind experience and it's so important to have a teacher who is calm and keeps you calm too. She sounds like a fruitcake. I know you can't get out of it now since you've paid up front (maybe this is why she gets people to do this because she's had people not come back after a few sessions). I hope you can find a way to block her behaviour and still let yourself get into yoga zen mode.
    And, it's so innapropriate for her to be pushing the DVD down your throats. Grrrrr!

  5. Sooooo exciting about the baby show and all your goodies!! :-)

    And you made me laugh with your account of the yoga teacher with the shameless plugging - she sounds like such a pill!! Is there any way you can give her your feedback about wanting to start the actual yoga on time?

    (I just got this mental image of her DVD, and it's 75% her talking to the camera about her classes and how helpful they are!!)


  6. Hooray for the beginning of collecting baby gear! My first baby purchase was a pack of onesies. Once you get closer to the end of the pregnancy, you'll go nuts buying things. By then it will be really fun and hardly scary too. You'll start trying to see your baby wearing those clothes or taking a bath in that tub with this rubber ducky. :)

    And boo about the yoga instructor. Can you get your money back? I sure would try. All of her talking takes away from relaxation and turns it into irritation.

    Give Elvis a little hug from me. :)

  7. Oh, that yoga teacher sounds ANNOYING. I suppose it's good that you can get something out of it and just leave the rest,'s a shame there isn't someone else.

    Glad the baby show went well - and congrats on that purchase!

  8. So glad you the baby show was good. I wish the yoga was as smooth. Hopefully the instructor will get her act together!

  9. Yeah, that teacher sounds VERY annoying!!! I teach prenatal yoga and know many woman who do as well, in training we are taught to talk for the first 1/2 hour because there is so much to talk about when pregnant BUT we are supposed to talk about YOU and your pregnancy and about education, NOT, NOT, NOT about ourselves. Perhaps she only does this talk once? I hope so, if not I would ask for my money back and find a teacher that teaches about you!


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