Sunday, October 10, 2010

An eggplant in my belly! 25 weeks

Little Elvis has graduated from a papaya to an eggplant! Woohoo! And he's making is presence more and more obvious. I know really kick counting is not meaning much right now (and with the anterior placenta I may still miss the lighter ones) but I couldn't resist so I got an App for my newest toy (aka the iphone 4!) which allows you to record several things during the pregnancy (your mood, cravings, energy etc. and kick counts as well as contractions when the time will be right!).
So at the peak of his activity it won't take 4 minutes to have 10 kicks/movements. When he's less active I still get to 10 within 10 minutes! Go Elvis!

Let's see where we are at. No weight gain since last week!! Woohoo! That's nice. Trying to eat very healthy and I've hidden the Nutella jar just in case... sleeping isn't great, I'm warm, I have to pee, I toss and turn...but somehow I don't seem to be tired during the day which is nice. Yesterday evening my feet were a bit swollen again but it goes away after a night in bed. So all is good! Can't wait to go to yoga tomorrow night, I'm sure it's not a couple night eheeh!
The plan for today is to go to a Baby show which happens every year in Dublin (but sure I never even know when that was...) to see what's out there. I suppose this is a good sign I'm relaxing a bit.

I have to share with you another fantastic news. I think I may have mentioned before that in Ireland IVF is not covered at all by any health insurance (ok...there is one that gives you 1000 euro once off for fert treatments, I laughed!), you do get tax back and you get the meds as part of a medical drug scheme which means you pay 120 euro a month and the clinic is generally very good and prescribes all the meds you need until test day in one go. Still it's tough for many many couples. Well, my clinic is part of a pilot scheme set up by former patients who have set up a charity to raise money for couples who can't afford treatments. Once a couple is awarded the clinic will provide scans, bloodtests, consultations for free. Isn't it amazing? I obviously immediately emailed the promoter to help in any way I can. If you feel like it, have a look at their website which is stunning


  1. Wahoooo! Great news all around! I am so glad that you have a little eggplant in there who kicks up a storm!

  2. Yay Fran!!! I am so happy your going to the baby show, for so many reasons. I bet you thought this day would never come, thats wonderful!! So glad Eggplant Elvis is doing great - I love that you got an app to track everything on the iphone4 ! How do you like it so far? I am going to upgrade mine early next year- can't wait!

    What a wonderful thing your clinic is doing. That makes my heart melt - the gift of life, what is better than that?!

  3. Go Elvis Go! Sounds like he's doing a lot of gyrating in your belly. Hope you enjoyed the baby show!

  4. Time is flying by ... wow! I'm glad to hear that things are going well and that Elvis is progressing!

    It's great that your clinic is doing outreach for those that can't afford treatment. I think that as IF rates rise, countries are going to be forced to reckon with this as a "condition" demanding a solution.

  5. I want that app!!! Wonder if there is a similar one for Android.....

    What an active little bugger :) such great news!

  6. Elvis is an eggplant! He sounds like he is going to be a very active, playful child:) And yay for the baby show and the app - you DESERVE to relax into this. And things are going just beautifully.

    That charity sounds wonderful. Makes me happy (and a bit more optimistic about this world in which we live).

  7. Yay for your little eggplant!!! So happy everything is going so well for you and Elvis! And don't you love the iphone 4??? I have it too - so fun!

  8. YAY for eggplants. Thanks for your kind words.

  9. Those kicks are like little taps from Heaven, eh? You are doing so well, and I hope you have a great time at the baby show! It sounds like such fun!

    I took a look at the pomegranite website. I really like their motto: "Infertility is not a choice, but treatment should be." So right.

  10. Sounds like wonderful news and everything is going great:) I think maybe you will get some freebies at the expo...At least that is what we them and Expo...There is a big one in Chicago for us to go to in Novemeber...I think my mom and sis will go with me....Mom to push and fill our stroller up with goodies...Sis to push me around in a w/c:)

  11. What I find funny post-pregnancy is how many things feel like fetal movement when there is no baby in there. It makes me wonder how many times I thought things were my baby moving when it was actually just twinges or gas. lol

    That is great news about the IVF assistance. It is going to be a great blessing to many couples, I'm sure.

  12. Go Elvis! He is kicking away!
    I think it's awesome that your clinic is part of the pilot program. There will be so many couples who will benefit!


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