Friday, February 18, 2011

An answer of some kind

Yesterday I called my OB's office to see if he received the histology report on my placenta as I hand't heard back from him. The secretary said not all results were in but that Dr. L would check with the lab and let me know. By dinner time he hadn't called and I figured he would call today instead. But he did call! Around 9.30pm! Isn't he a great doctor? Anyway, he said that there was nothing particularly outstanding in the report, no blood clots and no calcifications. Mmhh. That kind of ruled out our/mine main causes for IUGR and diminished fluids...but he did say that there were signs of inflammation which would be explainable if the waters had in fact started leaking a few days earlier (inflammation is the first response to infection or irritation, I had no fever, waters were clear so I don't think I had an infection). If anyone knows more on this please let me know, there's only so much you can find on Google and being at home I have no access to medical literature!
He said that in my next pregnancy they will monitor more closely the blood flow to the placenta throughout the third trimester so that if there's a sign of deterioration it'll be picked up quickly. I have to say though that it's not like my placenta wasn't checked, I had a scan less than 3 weeks before things looked suddenly serious, and at that time everything was as good as it could be, including fluid levels so I guess it was just one of those (scary) things.

Oh, and I may have said to soon I was done with the bleeding....grrr had some more spotting!!

Next week I'll pop into my clinic and see if I could talk to my Fav Doctor, I wonder if I had inflammation of the membranes if it's better to have a hysteroscopy before going again, just to make sure all is good to know, I'm prone to things going awfully wrong if my uterus isn't in perfect conditions!


  1. I guess that was a bit of an answer - you know there was inflammation for some reason. I liked seeing the phrase "next pregnancy"!

    When read that the doctor called at 9:30 pm, my first thought was that I would have been angry if it woke the baby!

    Sorry the spotting continues. At least the big flow has ended (and I saw the post about your doc saying you didn't have to wait a year to get pregnant b/c the c-section will be healed at 3 months. Wow!)

  2. Very weird. I hate when you can't be given a definitive answer. I guess we will all just have to be content with them closely monitoring you next time. Perhaps there are other things they could keep an out for, knowing that this happened with Oliver.

    The one thing they don't tell you before you get pregnant is that even though you get to skip your period for 9 months, you get to more than make up for it after the baby is born.

  3. Oliver looks so cute!!! Sorry to heart you are still spotting... I had that for a long while after the 6 weeks mark. But it eventually goes. So are you thinking of starting again soon? Missed you!


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