Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly check

Oliver's weight is now 4.28 kg! So he's doing really well. I still have not weighed myself as I'm sure I have not lost a gram...

In other news, I brought my left over meds to the clinic this afternoon, no point in letting them elapse in my fridge, I'll get them fresh when it'll be time again. I saw my Fav Doctor and told her about the histology results on the placenta, she also didn't think much at all about it, probably the diminished fluids were to be blamed, she said that if there was an infection they would have investigated what bacterium caused it and above all I'd have had sings. That's it then, no more worrying! I asked also about maybe doing a hysteroscopy before going again and she doesn't think there is the need as the procedure is "clean" meaning it doesn't leave tissues back and she added "you had so many surgeries already we'll definitely try to spare you another one!"
She also agrees with Dr. L on the time really needed between pregnancies after a c-section, but she feels that as soon as Oliver will be more interactive I'll be much more absorbed by him so we may push our next attempt a bit further down the line.

I still think I'd like to go again by the end of the year though...


  1. Yay for Oliver gaining weight! That's so exciting that you're thinking of going again soon. I think this is wonderful!!!

  2. Nice to Oliver being a healthy, healthy baby! Good for you for considering getting back on the wagon. Thanks mostly for all your kind words on my journey. If I ever get back to Ireland, I would love to meet you!

  3. You are an Amazon! Ready to tackle all of this again! Wow!

    So glad to hear there was nothing of worry to report and that the bebe is gaining weight nicely!

  4. You go mama! I'm amazed you want to get right back in the saddle :)

  5. No time like the present hunh?! LOL You will know when your ready and you will be more than prepared. Yay for Oliver growing just as he should. :)

  6. He's growing fast!

    Yay for you considering the next one. I am undecided about trying for a sibling - we'll discuss again in September. If I had to decide today, I probably would not.

    We're contemplating heading to Ireland in September. I'll keep you posted!

  7. This is such great news! Oliver is a champ!

    It's also awesome to think of you thinking of round two so soon after round one. Back on the horse missy!

  8. It sounds like you have nothing to worry about for a while. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy your little guy. I know how hard it is to push trying for another baby to the back of your mind even after you finally do have one. Infertility and trying for a baby becomes so much of who we are that we forget how to live life outside of it sometimes. I kept trying to get away from it in the year we were forced to take off after my daughter was born, but it was always there. Honestly though, I look forward to the day I can finally walk away from it. One more baby, and I am pulling out for good. It's a wonderful thought!

    Now go enjoy your little guy, and give him an extra kiss from me.

  9. How exciting to be thinking about trying to get pregnant again! And brave to want to do it so soon! Maybe Oliver's little sibling will be a summer or fall baby.

    Good news that both doctors agree about the placenta. I hope it will give you peace....you know....for your NEXT pregnancy!

  10. That's a lovely, healthy weight! Sounds like Oliver is going strong. I'm so glad, Fran. and I completely understand your wanting to keep an eye on the next one.


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