Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The end of the bleed!

I just wanted to mark this day on my blog for the records as I'm no longer bleeding as of this morning!! woohooo! So it lasted 6 weeks and a half. Next step will be getting my period back, we'll see how long that will take.

Also, yesterday I started a baby massage course which I absolutely love! My friend who had a baby with IVF in November (remember she was 45 at the time and managed to use her own eggs!) recommended it to me as she started the previous week. I love the teacher and we'll be doing baby yoga also in a few weeks. Incidentally, I also met there one of the girls who was doing the pre-natal yoga with me, she had her baby one day before me and she didn't like that yoga teacher either!!

Oliver didn't particularly enjoyed being undressed ehm ehem and being massaged, but I think it may have been also because he was hungry! And actually, since we switched to a lower-lactose formula he's much much better so I'm happy that was the problem.

He seems to have found his hands also! Isn't he cute?



  1. He is stinkin' cute! awwww) I am glad you guys could find a tummy-friendly formula.

    yay! for no more bleeding. I am glad this chapter closed. I hate bleeding. For all of us.

    Baby massage? tat is so much fun! My sis is a massage therapist and she taught me couple tricks when she was doing it for her bub's. They enjoyed it so much, and it was so much fun doing it as well! you guys will love it!

  2. Yay for no more lochia! Woohoo! Time to celebrate indeed!

    The classes sound fabulous! And he really is such a cutie :)

  3. Yay for no more bleeding! And I love that you're doing baby massage - what a lovely time for you two to spend together.

  4. Handsome little man! Thank you for recording things about what happens to your body after birth, you don't hear as much about that. Give the ol' body a high-five for being awesome!

  5. he's adorable!

    and yay for the body back to normal!

  6. Aaw... he is so adorable! XOX to him!

  7. 6.5 weeks seems a long time... Glad you had little O to keep you busy. Was it nice to meet other adults at the baby massage course? Is your mother there as well?

  8. What a little cutie pie!



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