Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick update!

Just a quick note for the record, today Oliver weighed 3.76 kg! Perfectly on track gaining just over 200g a week! And last night slept through the night! We are definitely making progress here! But no progress on the smile front boohooo....

Anyway, today was my second day out on the road with the little man and it went great. Like most children he loves been in a car and sleeps most of the time. And where did we go? But to return the breast pump naturalment! But it so happens that the place also sells the cutest funkiest things for babies and mommies alike...and I couldn't resist. I bought BIB CLIPS to give to my friends who had babies or about to have babies, for all of them is their second child so I wasn't sure about getting more baby clothes. This is something they definitely don't have and I think it's really cute! Of course I got one for Oliver too!

Then they were also selling this bean bag for children suitable from new born....I had to get one...and it was expensive but I haven't really bought anything for Oliver other than bottles, soothers and other consumables....so I felt it was ok to go a bit mad on this one!

It goes really well with our lime armchairs LOL!

And finally, as the nursery is still completely bare a part from the changing table, a chair and my bedside locker (on one side we didn't have the time to have it embellished with child things with the renovation and all, on the other I wasn't sure what to get!) I got a wall-paper border to put on the walls! It's something!

This also reminds me that I never posted pics of the Attic project...but stay with me, Mike just finished the grouting in the bathroom at the weekend! And we still have a good bit to go...as Mike said, the other little project came a bit early...so this one has taken the back seat!


  1. I wish Liam would sleep through the night - the most has been 5 hours straight thus far...

    Car sleeping is wonderful!

  2. Those bib clips are awesome! I love it! I've never seen anything like it.

    I love the little chair you got for Oliver too. It looks really comfy, not to mention cute.

    I can't wait to see the attic pictures. We've been hearing about this project for ages, and now it's almost time to show it off. :D

  3. OK share how you got him to sleep thru???

  4. Wow for little man sleeping through the night...How nice

    and all the stuff you got is so cute:)

  5. Beautiful! I love the beanbag chair especially. Very nice and something that will also be good as he grows. And I'm glad about the weight gain - something tells me the full on smiling is just around the corner:)

  6. Wow - sleeping through the night is amazing! Of course we are all going to demand to know your secret.

    Super cool stuff you found. Bib clips - who knew? How clever! The bean bag chair is also really clever. Comfortable, portable and cozy. What great stuff you found on your fun outing with your baby!

  7. i can't do the conversion to lbs, so can you put it in parenthesis! :) LOL!


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