Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remember the spotting? turned into a full on bleed!! So I think I got my period back!It's heavy and I have cramps like the old days...I obviously didn't recognise the familiar headache I had a couple of days ago either. If I had even a faint chance of conceiving naturally, this would mean we should be careful....ahahahhah ...let me say it again...ahahahahah! Yes out of my system now.

Oliver was 7 weeks yesterday and I count that at CD1, just for the calendar of course so that I can guess when I'll need to be ready the next time.

Body. Reset.


  1. Woah, that seems fast! Good job body:)

  2. This is similar to what happened to me! I stopped bleeding around 4-5 weeks after having my son, and then started a "period" 6 weeks post partum. It was a really weird period, where I bled for 11 days. Then the next month when my period didn't come, I thought I was pregnant, but nope! It just took a 2.5 month hiatus after that, it was so weird. By 4 months post-partum I had my period back for sure, as regular as I've ever been (which isn't saying a whole lot...haha)

    I guess I'm explaining this all because I assumed my period was back for good and then it disappeared for a while, so I wanted to (I don't know, warn? Suggest?) that this might happen! It all sounds so similar! Good luck with everything though!

  3. Yay for your body resetting so well! This is awesome! Maybe, just maybe, you're body is figuring itself out...

  4. Glad that things have reset so quickly - I bet it feels good to have your body doing its familiar thing. And happy seven weeks to Oliver!


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