Monday, August 20, 2012

11dp5dt (beta update)

I have stitches on my right side. It can be just in my head of course, and I do remember I had them with Oliver too, still not a nice thing to feel!

Tested again this morning, I'm sure you are sick and tired of my HPT pics, but I can't help doing all the comparisons between this series and the previous ones! So here it is for your delight, line getting definitely stronger, we'll see if the HCG will follow suit.

I'm going to the clinic shortly, will update when they call me back with the results. It will have to be at least 50. I had 52 with Oliver at 10dp5dt (but even though he was frozen, the embryologist said it looked like he never was and had fully re-expanded before transfer). Today is 11dp5dt maybe it will be ok. Thanks to you all for the kind support in my never straight forward positive cycles!

Beta update
The clinic just called, the number is up to 73! This gives a good doubling time of 31 hours. In fact, as you know I'm paranoid and I would have liked a less fast doubling time. With the ectopics, believe it or not, I never had that erratic increase you read on the internet. My beta were good. Great in fact, doubling time between 27 and 29 hours. With Oliver, the only normal pregnancy I had a doubling time of 37 hours. In any case, I am safe for now, nothing can happen at this gestational age, I'm going in again on wednesday for a 3rd blood draw and take it from there. I am happy, still very very cautious, but happy for now. I want my Personal Penguin!


  1. The line is definitely getting darker...not bored at all...this is exciting.

    I am hoping the beta will be at par with your expectations.

  2. Will be checking in on you all day! For a numbers girl like me it is weird to say I don't do beta numbers, but I guess since they're not a done thing in NL I've never taking the plunge and done the hours. But doubling 25 to 50 I can do! ;-) Hope the Penguin is doing his math homework as well.

  3. This is what I get for not checking in for a long while! I'm hoping for a lovely number!

    BTW - I'll be in Dublin from September 21-28th. We're flying over via Boston!

  4. yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!
    I am so happy for you, Fran!!

  5. And see how much darker the 3rd test is compared to the 1st test? That's a great doubling time! So happy for you! Let's go Penguin!!

  6. I am ecstatic for you! Im still following your blog even though I rarely find a moment to comment! Congrats my friend this is wonderful news :)

    PS I am 14 weeks pregnant totally natural. Can u frikken believe it. And yes its a singelton! :)

    Dee (from wheresmy2lines)

  7. Great news! What a wonderful way to start off the week. My fingers are firmly crossed for you!!

  8. Yay! So excited for you! Hoping all continues to go well!

  9. Oh Fran! I'm so excited for you! Great numbers and pictures of hpts! Woohoo!!!


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