Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple Bug!

I have always been a pc gal. Well, Cali changed me radically!! I really like Apple product, just not laptops and computers (I mean...I didn't!) and I of course know it's a matter of habit, but the things that bugs me the most is the incompatibility between programmes and the occasional glitch between the same programmes which are share between pc and Mac. Some of my students have Macs and let me tell you, it definitely takes longer to write up stuff between us.
In any case, when you travel to the States, you can't help but notice that every second person will use a Mac. And there's no question, they are awesome (see...the American in me coming out!). But still I would not have really gone for it. Till I calculated that in dollars, the cost of a super fab Mac Book Air would have been over 20% cheaper than if I bought it in Europe. Irresistible. So of course, as a newbie at the Apple Store in Boston, I got the full intro on the machine, which is of course very straight forward and let me tell you, I'm in LOVE! Now, I have not made the full switch yet (and I'm still learning), too much stuff on the work laptop, but I'm keeping this new toy for home, blogging, surfing etc. I'm really glad I got it, I got the feeling there will be many more in the future!!

On FET news, I have started PIO and pessaries, all going well, I'm going to take friday off and just chill. Mike should be taking Oliver to his parents on Saturday so I will have another day with very little to do. Three more sleeps!


  1. Yay for switching! Regarding compatibility - did you buy the MS Office for Mac pack with it? I would highly recommend it (there is an educational version I think which is cheaper I also hope the store gave you the edu discount for the Mac itself?). I never have any compatibility issues with it.

    Good luck with the FET!

  2. Love all Apple products but haven't made the switch to computers. Scares me a bit...

    So excited about your FET! Glad Oliver is going to Mike's parents for a bit. I'm working out the scheduling for my FET, and planning one with a kid is a whole different ballgame!

  3. Fellow Apple lover here too!! I was on a pc for years but made the switch to my MacBook pro a few years ago and have never looked back! Like lostintranslation suggested above, I too recommend the MS office for Mac -- I use it all the time (we use pc's at work) and I have never had any compatibility issues at all.

    Sending lots of good thoughts for your FET!!!

    Love, FC

  4. Apple do have cool things.
    Good thinking on the low activity days - I hope it helps bringing good news soon!

  5. We bought an Apple laptop 5 years ago.....FIVE!!!! with any other PC.....5 years would probably have included many software upgrades...virusware updates, virus fixes and a general degredation of performance. And most likely one or two new hard drives or a whole new computer. We have had ZERO issues with our macbook pro. It has been worth every penny of my 2007 $2000!!!!! Apple just sends us nice little updates whenever they see a problem...we never have had a virus and I have never had to update my operating system. GLORIOUS!!!! I will NEVER buy another PC ever. We now also have iPhones and the ease of use between the two is so nice. And...even on our non-apple items....that darn thing is just so smart whenever we hook them up...priters, tablets (non-apple) and cameras all work swimingly. You will not regret the purchase,,,,,I promise.

    And...I sooo did not know you were going to make it to Sacramento while you were here. I live there (well...just outside the city limits in a lovely little place called Folsom) glad you loved Norther CA. I have lived here all my life and love it too....just wish the taxes, politics and cost of living would get all worked out...ahrg!!!!


  6. I am not much into Apple products, barring the iPod...but those who live with it, swear by it. I am glad you are loving it.

    Good Luck with the FET

  7. As you know, I'm a fan of the Apple stuff too!! I'm so glad you found something that works for you! I'm in love with my Macbook!



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