Sunday, August 26, 2012

Picking up

Thanks so much for your support, I was really down. I didn't have a good day at all, quite a lot of back pain (can't remember having it with Oliver), and just feeling like this is going to end any minute now. I was alone with Oliver for a few hours, and again I had to lift him and bring him the stairs etc, and I could tell I over did it.

In the evening I had a bit of spotting. Not much at all, and only because my clinical eye scrutinise the toilet paper every time. But this is just too familiar. I re-read my old posts on the ectopic of 2009, had a good cry and just got off the internet and started reading a book.

This morning I tested again of course, I figured if it's over, the line will start to fade and the control will be even stronger. But it has not done so, in fact the control is fading and the difference is quite obvious today. So Deng the Penguin is hanging on. Let's hope to get a glimpse of something on tuesday.


  1. I hear Jamie Cullum sing -what a difference a day makes, 24 little hours....
    Sorry that this is all so scary, that this little Deng seems not to read the books.
    I agree with Dee (yesterday).
    and I'm sure the hormones don't help keeping things in perspective or keeping hoe for one more day. Sending positive miracle vibes your way and hope hope hope the scan on Tuesday will tell us all you need to know.
    many hugs,

  2. Thinking of you and hoping you get confirmation of good news soon.
    It is not easy not knowing what is going on.
    Try to have faith.
    Hang on, Deng the Penguin!

  3. Great news!!! I hope all stays well with Deng the Penguin!!

  4. Sending nothing but well wishes your way Fran. That new test is looking really nice ! :)

  5. (((hugs))) my friend!! I am sending love and positive thoughts that Deng the Penguin will keep on hanging on!

  6. Thinking of you for your scan. I want these worries banished. That test line is super encouraging! You're well above the low ectopic levels. Good luck today!


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