Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cyber Friends

I was so so fortunate to be able to meet in person two fantastic cyber friends that I have followed for years. Best When Used By and Rain were as amazing as I expected. I think the best thing of meeting people you "know" through the blogs and occasional emails, is that there is an immediate connection, things are easy, there is lots to talk about and it feels like you know them quite well already. I met Cadet who is the softest baby ever, really he's so so cute and cuddly, Oliver was really taken by him too! And Scout is such a big boy now, we had a lovely time at the park with me and BWUB chasing after the children up and down the slides. I also had the chance of meeting Rain's husband, McRuger, we had a family day out with them and again it was so easy going and enjoyable, I wish we could have done it again. Seriously! And I'm hoping they'll be coming to Ireland one day soon and though we don't have the weather to offer (Rain may actually love the weather here!) and neither the food, I'm sure we would have a great time together. Now, BWUB is about to become mom again (twins!) so I suspect she'll be busy for a while, and Rain is planning adoption number two...but one can hope right? Worse case, we'll be meeting them in Cali the next time we go over!

In FET news, today was the last scan. The Favourite Doctor was there and scanned me herself! There was a new doctor that joined the clinic and so she assisted at the scan too. I love when this happens as generally I learn a lot more. My lining is at a whopping 11.1 mm! Wow! The transfer is confirmed for thursday next week at 4pm and hopefully I won't start panicking about my penguins surviving the thaw...ok, I'm already thinking about it... Anyway. I'll start progesterone in two days time and maybe I should start listening to the meditation tape soon...Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, the FET is moving right along. Hope it goes well!

  2. I love meeting blog friends. Its just as you say, you have so much history already that the conversation just flows.

    I can't believe you are already doing a FET! Man, I am so behind on my blog reading. I am so excited and hopeful for you. I pray all goes well and that yet another penguin makes its way into your loving arms in 9 months-time.

    Fingers and toes crossed, hair braided, and dogs' toes crossed.

  3. Oh I'm so jealous! I have never met a cyber friend. Although I know that when (and it's when - not if) I go to Ireland, I will definitely look you up! Someday...

    So excited about your FET - next week!!!

  4. I think it'd do great you got to meet cyber friends over here. Maybe next time! Your FET is so close!! So excited for you. Big time fingers crossed for you, my friend!!!! Ps pics of Oliver needed! N

  5. I had such a great time meeting your lovely family!!! McRuger and I have been talking about coming to visit, so I hope we can make that happen! Thank you so much for spending some of your vacation with us!

    Congrats on your scan, my fingers are crossed that everything goes well!!!

  6. This is EXCELLENT news about the lining - it couldn't be better and I think those penguins are going to look forward to warming up in there (crossing everything that they not only survive the thaw, but flourish). Next Thursday, woohoo!

  7. Thinking of you as you prepare for your transfer THIS week!!! Sooooooo exciting!



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