Wednesday, August 22, 2012

13dp5dt (4w4d) and beta

The HPT this morning looked promising, still pregnant and probably more intense, I thought it was at least as intense as the test line (by the time it had dried at least). 

Would it have been enough? I went in to the clinic got the blood test and waited. I would have been happy with 150, better 180 or so. 
I just got the call and the value has gone up to 218!! Isn't it great? Doubling time of 30.4 hours, pretty much in line with the previous result. I am a bit relieved that it looks unlikely to be ectopic at this stage. I still want to go in for an early scan and I left a message with the Fav Doctor to see when she'll be happy to give it a go. I'm hoping she'll chance it for next monday (5w2d). 

HCG summary:

9dp5dt: 25
11dp5dt: 73
13dp5dt: 218

To be honest with you the first value didn't give me much hope, but for now it's looking good, another day in the Personal Penguin life, and he seems to be a right fighter! Don't give up little one, despite my best effort I'm feeling more and more attached to you every day that goes by.


  1. Yay for doubling numbers!! Keeping you guys in my prayers. I hope the numbers keep going up.

  2. That's a great number! I'm so very happy for you! I'm feeling better and better about my happy dance. :-)

  3. Great numbers, and such a beautiful, bright line to show for it! I am very excited for you. This little Personal Penguin is a great fighter!!!

  4. Congratulations! Here's hoping it sticks around for the long haul! Isn't it amazing to see the nice, dark line? I still remember seeing it for the first time and I just couldn't believe it.

  5. Fantastic update and great numbers!

  6. Wonderful!

    I love it when the test lines get nice and dark...

  7. Very nice lines! And very good numbers.

  8. Can hardly wait for the scan...

  9. Oh Fran, I know!!!
    It's impossible not to hope, just like it is impossible to protect ourselves from hurt and disappointment, even though we know all too well what the chances are.
    But for now chances are getting better every day, so for now: enjoy while you can!!!even if just for a minute...

  10. Great numbers! it's been exciting to read all your post during this cycle! Congrats:)

  11. These are wonderful numbers! And pics of the HPT's! Everything is looking so very good!!! So happy for you - truly.

  12. How fantastic is that??? So thrilled for you! YAY!!!

  13. Congratulations! The 2nd test definitely looks darker!
    Sticky bean vibes heading your way!

  14. Hello from LAFC. Wanted to say congrats! Those are great BETA numbers!! Praying that you have a wonderful pregnancy!

  15. Ahhhhhhh

    Congratulations Stranger...Long time no hear! Which is my fault...but I am back and so happy for you....gotta go catch up on your posts!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!


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