Saturday, September 15, 2012

8 weeks, emergency scan, Phoenix hanging in there

8 weeks today. I had a dream about bleeding and then it happened after a visit to the bathroom after breakfast. Now, it's 8 weeks, it happened with Oliver too, but the situation is different. So I decided to call the clinic, no point in waiting till tuesday if things have stopped already (mainly for the meds). As always they are great and just said to come in, there was a very experienced nurse available to scan me but also Fav Doc would have been in at 11 if I wanted a second opinion. The nurse was great, in fact she also said, if she had concerns or if I had concerns after the scan we would wait for Fav Doc. The screen was on, we followed the scan together. Phoenix is still there, growing, though not fast at all, he measures 7w1d today (grew 3 days from tuesday) and the heartbeat is up to 144. The nurse said if it wasn't for the fact that we know I'm 8 weeks, she would see nothing wrong with the embryo or the solid heartbeat. But I am 8 weeks so it's still not looking good but it seems to hang on for the moment. I also have developed a clot which is below the sac but definitely obvious at the scan, I can't tell if it's the same as last tuesday given that last tuesday I didn't see a thing on the screen. In her opinion, this is not threatening for the pregnancy, there is no bleeding in the sac, no misshape of the sack or yolk sac, and it's between the sac and the cervix. It may bleed and if it does it can be quite a lot. Or it may just reabsorbe. Who knows.
In any case, I cancelled my scan for this tuesday and booked it for the following tuesday (unless something happens in the meantime), no point in going in every 3 days.
It must have been a tough day at the clinic, the nurse said I was the third pregnancy that went in with bleeding this morning (and it was 10am), I hope the others got good news.
I am calm and ok with the situation, something strange going on with me, I am remarkably calm when things are bleak and I fret about nothing when everything is going well...

I once again wanted to thank you for your comments, I actually replied to most of them on the blog but I am not sure if you get notified, so you may want to check!


  1. Just to give you a bit of hope - an IF friend had an FET and the baby was also measuring behind so much so the FS told them to expect the worst. Shes now 20 weeks with a very healthy baby...

    FET babies are notorious for being behind. I still think you have loads of hope. Will keep checking up on you.

  2. Hang in here. Phoenix is still very much a good contender in this race. Thinking of you.

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Phoenix keeps growing (even if a little slow) and thriving. I'm still holding out hope for all of you.

  4. How very scary Fran. I know it's hard to not be worried but as you know I bled A LOT with Kade and he's here, so it can happen and I believe that Phoenix is going to be a survivor.

    Much love

  5. Any bleeding at all during pregnancy is scary. I don't care if it is a tiny bit or a lot. But add to the fact that yours was red, and any woman would be freaking out.

    I am just so glad that the baby is okay, still growing, and has a good, strong heartbeat. I'm also glad to hear that you are very calm and at ease with all of this. You should be. I have thought about and prayed for you every day. Hopefully that will count for something toward keeping that baby in there.

    Much love!


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