Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Today I'm turning 38! Outpouring of love and good wishes from family and friends...oh wait...what about my husband? He FORGOT! For the second year in a row.... I didn't even get mad, bought myself a cake, candles, pizza for dinner and just plain celebrated! I gave Mike all day, but nope...totally forgot! Anyway, he enjoyed the pizza and cake.

And no more bleeding/spotting, so even if it's just today I'm delighted I got a break for my birthday.

One other great thing today. As part of our Ectopic Pregnancy Charity and given the fact I'm a college lecturer, I had contacted the coordinator of the midwifery course and offered to give a couple of lectures on the topic, mainly discussing my experience and the emotional aspect. They were thrilled and we arranged for today. The class was fantastic, they are final year students, they were so so interested and learnt a lot. You see, EP are of course treated in their lecture course, but very briefly and as part of early pregnancy complications (so about 15 mins in total). Students get the textbook signs and symptoms of EP which we know all to well don't always apply, so for them today was a real eye-opening experience. I felt so good. And you know, it's 3 years almost to the day since I resolved my last ectopic pregnancy. Another reason to celebrate.

Continued thanks for your support and love, you are amazing.


  1. Happy birthday! Today is mine as well & I am now 40. I often lurk but have not posted much. I am glad the spotting/bleeding has subsided. I admire you for your work regarding the ectopic pg & educating others.

  2. Oh Oh Mike, there are much more elegant ways to show you are a man you know!!! And Fran, you better start prepping him for your 40th. Put messages in his phone and calendar etc...
    (although I have to admit I arranged my own birthday breakfast as well this year, even though it was my 40th ;)

    So glad to hear the spotting is taking a break. And who knows, not coming back.
    Weird stuff, this limboland dancing...

    hugs and best wishes,

    PS I hope i didn't mess up your blog stats, I've been checking for an update all day!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a lovely day, despite Mike forgetting all about it. Hope he'll make up for it somehow and I agree with Valery, start prepping him for your 40th! Glad the spotting has stopped, hope you'll have answers soon.

  4. HUGE birthday wishes from me. I hope you have a great day hon. I am so relieved you have a reprieve from the bleeding. Fingers are tightly crossed for you and Phoenix. Oh, and how cool that the students got first hand EP ezpxperience through you, it will be invaluable to them I'm sure, and great that you get to give back.
    Xxxx hugs

  5. Happy birthday Fran! If I were there, I would throw you a big party and make your day special, because you deserve it!

  6. Happy Birthday dear friend! I think that those students are very lucky to have such a wise woman sharing her story!

  7. Happiest of birthdays, Dear Fran!! Thank you for being such a great friend across the ocean and for all that you do to raise IF awareness! So glad that you have gotten a reprieve from the spotting...I hope that is a sign of good things to come!

  8. Happy Birthday, friend! 38! So young:) that Mike of yours needs to feel the wrath of many angry bloggers all hissing at him for being so remiss!!! Not cool, Mike! Good for you for taking the initiative!
    How's Oliver doing these days? Xo lots of love! C:)

  9. Happy birthday, honey! I think you had the best attitude towards celebrating your day. Why poison it with regret and reproachful remarks? I bet Mike feels ten times more awful for that. Wait and see what he does next year. :-)

    Anyway - Buon compleanno ? 100 di questi giorni!

  10. Happy Birthday Fran! Hope you have a lovely day with NO MORE bleeding. *sigh* if Mike was my husband I think he would be six foot under by now - I can tolerate a lot but NOT forgetting my birthday ;)


  11. Happy Happy Birthday! Still here rooting for you!

  12. Happy Birthday! Sorry Mike forgot.

    Still rooting for you here as well!

  13. Belated Happy Birthday! Is it that Mike is like this with all birthdays, or was this just a stroke of continued bad memory?

    Your lecture must have been eye-opening for sure. Good job at that. And Hallelujah for the no bleeding.

  14. Happy belated birthday!!! I'm so sorry I've been off the radar for a week or so - it sounds like it's been a tough road for you. I'm hoping that Phoenix is still hanging in there, and will rise up! Thinking of you...

  15. Happy birthday Fran!

    I think since Mike forgot, he needs to get you something really awesome to make up for it. Seriously, how do you forget? You need to drop more hints in advance, my dear. ;)

  16. Way to enjoy your Birthday girl! Happy Birthday to you xoxoxoxox

  17. Happy Birthday!:)
    I got behind on posts. I am sorry about those scary bleeding episodes and I am glad to hear you see no more red.
    Cheering for little Phoenix, I love the new name!
    It is great you had an opportunity to spread the word about ep and share you story. You are doing an amazing job!
    Much love, erika


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