Friday, September 28, 2012

On edge

It's been a week since the last bleed as so far nothing. I'm kind of expecting it you know. but maybe the SCH is really gone so everything may just have settled fine.
Also I have started reducing my steroids intake, so for the whole week I've been down to 20mg rather than 25. I still have the moon-face. Did I mention that of course we had pics taken for the college website just a few days ago? I look like a monster. Seriously. Professionally taken pics. Nothing I can do about it. Of course I had forgotten about it till I got a reminder from the secretary the day the photographer was coming. I didn't have make up on (I never do, but I would have made the effort to try and look a bit more presentable), my hair looks like they badly need some colouring and restyle and I wasn't even dressed properly. But ah well, I am just hoping that maybe if I pay for it myself I can get another one taken when I'm in better shape...

Tomorrow I'll be 10 weeks. Incredibly for me these past couple of weeks have flown by. Tonight would be the last PIO shot, but as I have only three more vials left in the box I thought I'd finish them on Sunday instead. As of tomorrow I'll drop the steroids to 15mg for the whole week. I tried to read when is it that people with only mild borderline ANA values are stopping them and I found anything between 8 weeks and 20 and it's never really clear how high the dose has to be either. Of course in my case I know it worked to be on 25mg for 11 weeks with Oliver and tapering down to nothing by week 12, but if I have to say I believe I really need them at all it would be a stretch. Same as the intralipid. I didn't do it at all with Oliver and there was no issue whatsoever. In any case, 15mg of pred is still what some clinics recommend as standard dose so I'm covered and the critical phase is just after implantation anyway. No matter what, that phase I have passed and Phoenix hopefully is still growing happily.

Next week I'm going to Italy for 5 days, I'll bring Oliver with me while Mike will stay behind, and we'll stay at my parents. I haven't seen them since Easter but everything is fine between us now. Let's see how this stay goes. I should be able to squeeze in a scan while there, with my dad's OB friend, and then, if all goes well, when I'm back I'll book the NT scan. Next time we'll go to Italy will be after Christmas, this year we will spend Christmas in Ireland and I will cook our first Christmas meal (no turkey and ham!!) for just the three of us. I am really looking forward to start building our own tradition!

Oliver is great, has a cough which makes him sleep poorly but we never have to get up at night (we hear him coughing through the monitor) and has started putting two words together! He loves to hug both of us at the same time while we give him kisses, his face is just glowing, and we do that every day. Yesterday he also had his first bruised knee! I should take a picture of it for future memories. I was thinking that while it was so much easier to handle him when he was smaller, now he so much more fun and I can't wait for him to talk properly!

And you know, yesterday was Mike's 40th birthday! Of course I remembered and we had a nice dinner with cake and all, you can't hold a grudge for too long!


  1. Yay for celebrating over holding grudges. For me it was wonderful celebrating that milestone birthday while pregnant, I hope it was as well for Mike. (Congratulations Mike!)

    Small question; did you tell your parents yet? Or will you do that in person?
    I very much hope they will embrace the news and hope with you, and support you as well as they can.
    And Phoenix, no more trick please, just be a regular baby, I think Fran had enough already with your delaying and catching up and all!

  2. Very wise attitude you've got here. Sorry for the photos though...
    Oliver sounds like so much fun. Toddlerhood is surely entertaining.
    Safe trip and all the best!

  3. Geez, I wish I lived in Europe! I Loved Italy and would be so awesome to visit Ireland. Congrats on your pregnancy. I've been reading your blog on and off.. I'm hoping to do a FET cycle this Dec/Jan so I'll have to do those shots during and after I become pregnant hopefully.. I don't write too much on my blog anymore right now. Been in a slump.. CJ

  4. Congrats on 10 weeks. I know it hasn't been stress-free so far, but I am hopeful that you are coming out of the woods now.

    Happy 40th to Mike!

    Oh, and I hope you can re-do your photo later on. Bad photos are the worst!

  5. So glad to hear that you are 10 weeks and things seem to be settling in for the long haul! (I guess by "things" I mean the baby!)

    Mike is a lucky guy ;-) My husband needed a little priming on birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day and such and I decided that if I did for him what I'd like to have done for me, he might finally get it. He's working on. :-)

  6. The picture thing would be my luck too. How long is the picture going to be used? If its more than a year, I would see if I could pay to have it retaken too. But I'm vain like that.

    Keep growing little baby!

  7. All sounds well (despite the picture fiasco! ugh! at least you have a good sense of humour about it, and I'm sure you can replace it when you want!). Happy Birthday Mike and keep on keeping on Phoenix! I hope you and Oliver have a wonderful time in Italy!

  8. Great update on the scan! My last post got lost, but I have been thinking about you a lot. I hope the SCH will be hustory by the bext scan!

  9. You are having a rough time of it! I didn't know you were taking prednisone - what's that for? Oliver sounds delightful! The hugs are the best! If you were a real diva with the pics you would have refused to have it taken! So I can tell you're a good sport about it! Have fun in Italy! I hope all goes well with Phoenix from now on. Xoxo

  10. I hope little Oliver gets some relief from that cough very soon. How is it that you are 10 weeks already!!! I think of you and Phoenix often.

    Thank you for your voice of reason and wisdom, always, in my comment section. I want you to know how much your reassurance means to me. And gets me through the day!


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