Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the pharmacy

You realise that it you have been a good while on this IVF road when you enter the pharmacy (the one that sell the "special drugs") and you get greeted by name. Yesterday I even got a remark on my new haircut! Oh god... let's hope it'll work this time.
Anyway, I just needed to get two packs of the pill as I was on the last one from the old stock. I asked the chemist (Claire I think it's her name) if she could check for me if the prescription for the coming cycle was in yet. She was lovely as usual, and she said the fax is in and that she'll call me back next week to collect the lot. We had a nice chat about the new protocol and she thought it's becoming more and more popular while it used to be done only for poor responders or OHSS risk patients. I'm only delighted that I won't be downregulated at all.
Nothing else to report a part from the fact that we would have the possibility of getting some karyotype analysis done also, but I'm not sure we really need to go that far...I may give the clinic a call and see if they would recommend it.


  1. Oh gosh, they know your name?! That's when you know your BFP is WAY overdue. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed this is your cycle!

  2. Oh isn't IF fun and all the things it brings?? Praying for your BFP.

  3. Too funny and a little disconcerting that the pharmacist knows you by name. Hoping this is your cycle!

  4. That's too funny that you have a "relationship" with your pharmacist. At least it's a positive one. Imagine if she was a total shrew?!

    It's interesting too how different experiences introduce you to different people. I think about all of the people I've met blogging - not to mention my fertility specialist who also goes to my gym! Luckily these have all been positive :-)


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