Friday, June 5, 2009

A day with mum and 7 days late

I took a day off today and spent it with my mum. We would talk to eachother nearly every day (Skype is a bless!) but of course, living so far apart we don't have much time to spend together. I suppose I didn't use to share much of what was going on in my life with her in the past but now things are different. She is a mum, she'd love to be a grandma and I know she can share the pain of me not being a mum.
So she wanted to know (repeatedly!) what the clinic said, what the protocolo is going to be like, am I going to take time off this time, do I want her to come and stay while I'll be cycling, and every day she would say "I know it's going to happen for you".
But we both know it might not.
And then there is the adoption. She is incredibly enthusiastic about this project too, I am trying to stress how lengthy the process is and that there's no point in dreaming just yet. One thing at the time. She used to say that to me and now it's me saying it back to her. Overall we had a great day in town, browsed several shops, had lunch in a lovely restaurant, I went voting for the European elections (back to the Embassy!!) and then back home. Mike and I skipped swimming all this week but I don't feel too guilty about it.

Still no AF to be seen or felt coming. So this morning, given that I am over a week late for my due period, I decided to use the last evil cheapie HPT and with great joy a POAS! It was of course negative, but you know the way it is.At least I have no more in the house for the next cycle and I know it's going to help my sanity.

The weekend is supposed to be cool and probably rainy. Everyone in Ireland is wondering if we had the whole of the summer last week. But I'm hopeful we'll have plenty of sunny days in the next months. No matter the weather though, we have plans. We'll be going to visit the in laws down the country and it should be fun!

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