Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food poisoning and updates on the book

Yesterday I had my ususal smoothie for lunch (from the same place on campus) plus a delicious greek yogurt with grenola. oh boy...not sure what was wrong with them (either or both!) they seemed fine, ok maybe the bananas were way too ripen but they tested ok. About two hours later I had a loss of a peripheral vision of my right eye, quite frightening really if you don't know what's hapening, but I thought I probably just didn't have enough to eat and it was a dip in my glucose levels. Then the nausea started. I had to call Mike to go home (we work in the same College). I felt so bad, the vision was back to normal, but the headache and the sickenss (at both ends!) where orrific! During one of my hypochondriac moments I thought I was having a brain hemorrage! then it passed! I was as clean as a whissle as my MIL would say. Feeling much better today, still a bit weak but had a proper lunch and I'm definitely back to normal. I'll leave the smoothie to when I get back to Italy on sunday!

And then the book. I have started reading the first "chapter" that talks about love. All the stories are very short, you can read them in a minute or so. Oh my god...after the first story I felt a little bit moved, at the second one I had tears streaming down my phace and at the third one I was sobbing!! Definitely not a book for the 2ww I need something way lighter than that. So I decided that maybe other chapters woud be better and started hopping through the book to various other parts. Well, there is one chapeter about living your dreams and it's soo much better! one lesson I learnt was that the mind is very visual and that the best thing to do is apparently to have some sort of an album with figures or photos which represent your thoughts rather than phares and hopes. this one lady had an album with a picture of a very handsome guy, a wedding scene, a big house, diamonds (come on...), a tropical island etc...well, she met this very handsome guy who married her on a tropical island, he turned out to be a diamond collector, and they bought a fantastic house. Ahhh this is like the Carlsberg ads!!


  1. Ha ha ha I need to get me a photo album like that! But screw the diamonds and the tropical island - it will just be full of healthy babies!!

  2. Wow, that sounds like an interesting read. Hmmm, I wonder what pictures I would put together (other than a baby picture of course).

    Glad to hear your feeling better today. :-) I had food poisoning once and I almost called an ambulance on myself!

  3. Sorry about the food poisoning. Glad you're feeling better! That book sounds like an interesting read (I've never read it either). So, maybe I should start an album full of pregnant ladies and babies. If I put lots of pictures of babies do you think that will guarantee multiples?


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