Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing with the blog template (and making a mess of it!)

Cathy I want to thank you "officially" for letting me know that it was not possible to leave comments on my blog anymore.
Here's what happend. Obviously, I started messing with the blog template, adding things, removing others, finally I found a template like mine but with three columns which is the one I really wanted, changed the settings and...ops! noone writes to me anymore!! :o((( Boohooo! Never dawned on me to try and leave myself a comment!
So for some reason even if everything seems to be properly set, I have to have the comments in a pop-up windows or it doesn't work. Ah well.

Down to the cycle stuff. Well AF is in full force which always gives me a great feeling of getting properly "cleaned" for the next cycle. I took the first pill last night. Mike cancelled his DNA fragmentation with our clinic and we are getting it done in my home city for less than half the price!! So that's great news. He still will get a SA done at the clinic on the 18th of June (ten days from now), let's hope it's not going to be a disaser...
Mum is leaving tomorrow and we are both really sad the week was so short, but that's life!


  1. Finally! I can leave a comment :) Good luck with the SA and I hope you enjoy your trip back home. Murgdan over at Conceive This! just did a very long and informative post about DNA fragmentation you might wanna check it out:

  2. Thanks Clare, I'll checkit out right now!

  3. Oh ans I also saw you mentioned in your blog about the problem in posting here! thanks petal!


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