Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picked up the new meds!

Tomorrow is my last day in work before the holidays and I'm estatic! So given that my fresh cycle will start basically as soon as I come back in July I went yesterday to my friend Carol (the pharmacist!) and picked up the meds. I discovered that:
1) the clinic has prescribed the full package which includes the Pure.gon Pen (I have one already).
2) Although I still have 600U of Pure.gon at home since last August which is well in date, I got the full dosage prescribed again.
3) Progesterone pessaries have gone out of fashion and now the clinic has prescribed the gel (and I have probably close to 80 pessaries at home, to be added up to at least 6 boxes of Gestone, the progesterone in oil form also gone out of fashion).
4) Because the clinic wants you to bring in your meds on the first visit, I got yet another thermo-bag!
5) And then syringes and needles to beat the band!
So my point is: the system here works that you never spend more than 100 euro per month on prescription drugs. It's a great thing that they give you in one prescription all you need for the cycle until you get your BFP as I know it would incredibly expensive otherwise, but honestly what a waste of tax payers money!! If this cycle works for me I certainly do not need any refill, but bringing back the drugs won't be any good either as they have been prescribed to YOU and no one else can have them even if prefectly sealed. Disonest people coudl start a black market and I don't even want to consider this possibility. Careless people could just dump the drugs in the bin and they are hormones!! Really serious for the enviroment!! I thought that an idea woudl be to bring the mds to the clinic and get them to give them to people in needs that can't really pay the full wack. Here there's no insurance that covers fertility treatment so no matter what it's down to your pocket.
The other novelty in the meds, a part from the lack of nasal spray (still have two unopened bottles!) is that the heparin is a different kind; now, I was never on heparin before so I have no stock at home, but I somehow have the feeling that I'll be starting a new collection!
As usual I went through my routine of eliminating as much packaging as possible to make them look less terrifying and now they are stored away in the wardrobe!

Today Mike had his SA done at the clinic, then he phoned me and said "Very very poor material..." I got a heart attack, I though he meant his production!! But what he meant was the choice of magazines and porns the clinic had this time in the "special room" LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Anyway, hopefully the real news won't be too bad....

Finally I am so happy I have a new follower, welcome to my blog Stefanie! Looking forward to getting to know you better.


The clinic called with the SA results. Our numbers are still very very low at 5M/mL, but the motility is much better, in fact it's nearly normal! And the morphology also is normal! Please please let the fragmentation test be good too...and the karyotyping too!!


  1. Congrats on getting all of your meds! I still get overwhelmed when I think about all of the needles and different meds. I'm on the crinone right now. Don't know if anyone's told you about the "build up". It's kind of like a mixture of wallpaper paste and mushy wet scraps of paper. My nurse told me to "insert a finger every morning and swirl it around to clear out the pipes". Ugh.

    Lucky girl going on vacation! Hugs!

  2. Eeek! What a very exciting moment. It really does make it so much more official. Glad that you're husband is getting back his results just in time for the cycle to start; that's GREAT news about his motility and morphology!! Crossing my fingers the others come out just as good. Have a nice last day at work!

  3. LOL - about the poor material! Mr. T always complains too and says that the mags are so bad it makes the job more difficult. He'll being doing his next SA here and since we're in a muslim country where porn is illegal, I don't think he'll get any magazines! Congrats on the better motility and morph!

  4. Congrats on getting the meds. Keeping the fingers crossed about the swimmers.


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