Friday, January 8, 2010

More snow and neighborhood tales

No improvement here, temperatures are below freezing and we live on a hill south of the City so I'd say we have it a bit worse. Nontheless...I absolutely love snow.
I have actually learnt a few new words which have to do with how dangerous streets are. Here they go: there are hazardous conditions, excalating to treacherous to end in impassable! As of yesterday evening roads in Dublin are between treacherous and impassable. A part from the roads in private estates I actually think it's not that bad at all. And you should see the drivers...can I just say once again...if you can't handle the snow....STAY AT HOME!!! No need to drive as slow at 10km/hrs on clear roads, you know? From home to the office today I don't think I shifted to second gear at all... and College is pretty much deserted. What can you do...any excuse will do! Well, I'm in, as well as my Swiss colleague and the Swedish one! It's unreal.
I got a call from the pharmacy yesterday to let me know that they had my prescriptions but that "due to weather conditions" they weren't sure if they could be delivered to my local pharmacy by the end of the week. No problem, I don't need them until the 21st anyway. I got the opportunity to check on my progesterone support and it was the, so I told them I would have called the clinic to have it changed to the pessaries. It was sorted in no time and I got to talk to the Favourite Doctor!! How nice. She said she'll do my scans personally. I love her.
A bit more on the frost and snow (rant ahead).
One little thing is that, if you remember I live in a duplex and I have two short flights of steps to get to my door and to that of the immediate neighbour. Now, in fairness they were really dangerous (impassable??). Snow had compacted and frozen and each step was very slippery. We have an outdoor brush which I use to clear the balcony and Mike went out yesterday morning and brushed the steps. We got a bag of salt from the management company to share with the other duplexes, we spinkled a bit and then Mike went to the other neighbours in our block to see if they wanted to clear their steps and have a bit of salt. Well, perhaps you can se where this is heading. Neighbour N was very thankful, asked if he could get our brush and took the bag of salt. Mike wasn't too pleased that he took the bag as a few more houses will need it, but still he left everything with him. N said he would return everything to us. After an hour or soo I look out the door and see the bag left there, half empty. It was a 25kg bag. Then I notice the brush also left at our door. The handle was totally ruined. The idiot had used the wooden handle to break the ice (over concrete) and you can imagine the state of it. He didn't even have the decency of ringing the bell and thank us. I was steaming out of my ears. I just cannot tolerate careless people...specially when they are careless with things we kindly lent them. I told Mike he had to go and say something (Mike was also pissed, but probably would have sulked for a while and not acting). Off he went and here's what happened.

Mike rings the bell, N's wife answer.
Mike: "Hello, I'm your neighbour, I gave this to N to clear the steps. It was mine. He must have used the handle to break the ice, look at the state of it now"
Wife: "Oh... yeah, really sorry, we gave it to our neighbour too, he must have done it..."
Mike: "I didn't lent it to your neighbour, I lent it to your husband"
Wife: "Well, yeah...sorry about this, bye!"

Fucking unbelievable. Maybe it's the pill, but i just can't get over it. This people are young, like 30 something, they have a child. Yeah they are weird a bit, wife never says hello. It's not the cost of the brush of course, it's the cheek of them. Not a thank you, not a gesture of offering to get us a new one...Ahhhhhghhh and I like being nice and hepful to others but God, I don't think I'll be ringing their bell anytime soon to offer something.
I am waiting to see if we see them again and if they say something.
I turned to meditation last night to clear my head. It helped a bit but obviously the rage is still in my system! Damn asshole.
Ohhhhhmmmm Ohhhhhhhmmm....Fecker.....Ohhhhmmmm Ohhhmmmmm


  1. Oh no! Rude and thoughtless neighbors are the worst. I can't believe they returned your things to you beaten up and didn't thank you or ring the doorbell to tell you.

    Some people...

  2. Some people have nerve! I don't know where they get it from. Sorry about your stupid neighbours.

  3. No good deed goes unpunished, is the saying.

  4. That's just being a bad neighbour! Boo to them.

    Though loving your 'calming' meditation chat - LOL! Can I borrow it?! :)

  5. I can't believe how rude they were! Unbelievable! I'd be fuming about that as well. And if it happened while I was on 10 units/day of Lupron, FORGET IT.


  6. Silly stupid neighbors. It sucks when people just don't have any respect for anyone else's stuff.

  7. They must not know anything if they used half the 25kg bag of salt. Good grief. But yes, dear Fran, I do think you should offer them something very soon. I think you should find a nice pile of dog poop and leave it for them as a "gift" on their steps -- the ones they ruined your brush on. It can melt in the pile of salt that must be there!

  8. HOW RUDE!!! What nerve they have... You should buy a new one and post the receipt in the center of their door! Not that they will reimburse you, of course, but just the principle of it. UGHH!!!

  9. Your neighbors are awful, so rude! The amount of snow we have is crazy, isn't it?

    Glad your meds arrived, hope you will have them soon. Of course now I'm trying to figure out who your favourite doctor is :)


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