Monday, January 11, 2010

Yoga, meditation and New Year Resolutions

Today was another added holiday for us, yep, we got an official email on Saturday that due to worsening weather condition the college would have remained closed until tomorrow morning. Obviously the weather improved dramatically between yesterday and today, it started raining and the snow is pretty much gone so this was totally unnecessary, but still...who says no to another sleep-in? Anyway, tomorrow we are definitely back and it's only a week before I start teaching again and I'm dreading it. My second semester is going to be very heavy, and with the new cycle coming up I've arranged my lectures in blocks before and after. I hope it'll be worth it! In fact I have only 6 more days on the pill and baseline scan is next week on thursday, oh yes!

Anyway, I have read a few blogs with their New Year Resolutions and I decided to add my own. Like my friend Clare I'll keep it short and simple so that it can be easier to achieve and will be totally unrelated to pregnancy (or lack of) given that this very one thing I have no control at all.

* I have found a new Yoga Centre just a stone's throw from home. They not only do yoga but also meditation. I have already contacted the teacher (Lisa) and I'm enrolled for the yoga on wednesday night and the meditation course when it'll begin in February!
The first resolution is: I have to keep this up.

* I definitely have to exercise at least once more during the week. I want to use regularly my Wii Fit Plus to track my progress. Even if I don't loose weight I have to be a bit fitter than I am.
The second resolution is: I have to be more determined.

* I will try really hard to live in the present. I hope meditation will help me achieving this. For some reason I'm very prone to think about what will happen tomorrow, what will I do in a few months time etc. Yet I have no real control on what might happen that will change the plan. This should reflect in a more positive me, with less hypocondria lurking in my brains.

So far these resolutions have been centred on me. Now three more which will have the me + others combiantion in it.

* I will try to be more available to friends and family. Sometimes it's easy not to call or email. After all, I'm so far away there's not much I can do from here. But I know, I so know, that a word or even a gesture can brighten up someone else's day. And it costs me nothing.

* I will have a Zen approach to work related issues. I often have the impression that half of my colleagues are doing very little. This is probably true but the problem is that it bothers me no end and I tend to go into the "poor me, look how much I do, this is sooo unfair" state. This obviously doesn't achieve anything, I still work the same amount and my colleagues too. I have to lower my expectations and improve my attitude in this field.

* This is probably going to be the most difficult. I do have high expectations in general, and sometimes this is very unfair towards Mike. I will try and have a Zen approach towards his work also. I'll be there if he needs me but I have to be less pushy and teacher-like. I don't like being that way, but I don't seem to be able to help it much. I'll try my best.
I have my heart in it, really. I think I can do well in most of them, I may need encouragement for the last two, I already know, but I am confident that re-starting yoga and embracing meditation will be very helpful.


  1. I love yoga and meditation!!! Good going!!!

  2. I definitely need to learn to live in the present! I'm too worried about what's going on a month from now. Right now I've just been doing acupuncture for relaxation but I never considered meditation. I might have to try that!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous plan.

    I just started Yoga, and I love the idea of a meditation class. I'll have to take a look for one of those!

    Best of luck on the rest of your resolutions!

  4. Your plan sounds like a good one.

    Hopefully your weather is getting back to normal. (I for one am freezing down here with all this weirdly cold weather. LOL!)

    Good luck with your baseline!

  5. What lovely resolutions! Self-improvement is a noble goal. And I think it will be wonderful to get into the meditation. This is the PERFECT way to enter into a cycle!

  6. Yay for 6 more days for BCP (5 now?!) Sounds like you've set yourself up in a good situation for this cycle. I have such a good feeling about it for you.

    I liked your resolutions, particularly the one about having a zen attitude. I've also started yoga and using relaxation techiniques. We'll have to swap tips!

  7. Best of luck as you begin your new resolutions for the new year. Yoga is amazing and meditation works wonders! As for being more zen and living in the moment-you're certainly not alone in needing to do that more. If you find a good way to do that, will you share it with me?

  8. Good luck with your resolutions for 2010! I think the zen theme is definitely a good one... in my recent meditation the teacher said something which really stuck with me: 'The first victim of your anger or negativity is yourself' and now whenever something annoys me or I become upset with something I just remember that I am only hurting myself... much better to just let it go...OMMMMM


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