Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Thank you all for your kind comments, I do feel a bit better and of course you are right, although what happened to my friend is beyond devastating, we all have to make the most of life and goals while we have the chance to do so.

Anyway, this week was off to a bad start and I'm not sure it has improved yet.
My good cyber-friend Michele sent me her Fertility Buddaha. I have no words to thank her properly for her kindness. When I offered to pay for the postage she just said to make a donation to our local loss group. How amazing can she be? And the Buddha arrived yesterday. A little piece was chipped off probably during the travelling...it can certainly be fixed with a bit of glue but I was just so upset (and on top of the bad news of yesterday morning it didn't take much to upset me). I will fix it today, I'm sure it won't really be noticeable, but still...

Today I had two hours lecturing just over lunch so I didn't really eat properly, but then, my New Toy arrived! Can you imagine? After two months in the repair centre it's finally here! They have extended my guarantee for 3 more months (upon my request!) and basically changed any piece of harware you can think of. Anyway, with the laptop it came a note that stated that after changing all the parts, they had tested it for 80 hours and the BSOD never happened. Well...would you believe it...as soon as I started uploading a programme....TAC!! Blue screen...I looked around...there must be a camera hidden somewhere...this cannot be happening AGAIN!! I was on the phone within a second, spoke with the millionth person who, after all my ranting and rageing, said "Well, I suggest you reinstall the operative system" What?? It just came back!! Anyway, it's "standard procedure" so I went through the commands and things I had to do and...while I was still on the phone...blue screen! He was speechless. He just said for me to send him an email so that he could escalate the issue. To be honest, I'm not sure how more this can be escalated, I think I'm at the top of the ladder!
Anyway, I've since restarted it and so far it seems ok. I definitely think there's something wrong though. We'll see what they say in the email.

I also think AF is on her way! So hopefully by the time thursday come things will have improved a good bit on all fronts!


  1. Sorry to hear about your laptop. Is is a Dell? I had a Dell and it was the worst piece of electronic equipment I ever bought. Anyway, I hope the week ends on a good note for you!

  2. By the way, I nominated you for an award!

  3. BSOD SUCKS! Time for a mac maybe?! I hate using a PC and am now a firm mac convert. Maybe if you put your budda near the PC some of its luck will rub off!

  4. Sorry to hear you are having such a bad week, dear Fran (and so sorry to hear about your friend's husband)...I'm sure it's not helping the irritability factor that AF is in a few days...hoping Wednesday is better.

  5. Bummer about the crappy week! Hoping this comment finds you with a better week on your hands!

  6. Wow! You have no luck with that computer. I don't understand why they just won't replace it. I feel for you!


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