Friday, January 15, 2010

Next week

Next week is going to be very intense.
Term starts again and I have a heavy teaching load but thankfully I have everything prepared (I have to just go over the lectures but no new material) still, it's a bit nerve-wreacking going into a new class and I'll be meeting 3 new ones all in the first week!

On wednesday I have my first yoga lesson and so far I've been very good at exercising at home also.

On thursday I have my base line scan. I'm thinking of stopping the pill a day earlier like I've done the last time. I should take the last one on Sunday but then my period would have barely started before the scan, so I'll take the 20th pill on Saturday and that'll be it. It worked very well the last time anyway. I've collected all my meds from the pharmacy today and immediately put them away. No need to dwell on the volume of them by having them spreaded around the house!

On friday, on top of two lectures I have to give, my very first student (the one who had a bit of a blue moment) will defend her PhD thesis. I already got feedback from the external examiner which is excellent, but you know the way it is...I feel very emotional about it and I hope I'll be able to hold it together afterwards, they all know I'm a softy one but still! Another student of mine just got awarded a Master. That makes two in just over 4 years and another one will submit is PhD thesis next month. A fourth one is on her way to finishing up. I'm not sure how all this happened. But it did and I'm really proud of my group. These 3 also have already a job to go to. Amazing. My colleagues today at lunch were lovely, they said we have to celebrate me as this is really a milestone! I suppose it really is. After the viva and lunch I will have to introduce the examiner's lecture and bring her out to dinner ... and I suppose the next thing will be going home and start injecting! It is common practice here to hit the pub for a bit of celebration with the group, but...somehow...I will have to give this one a miss I'm afraid.

I know the week will fly by, I have every cell of my body set to "Positivity ON!" meaning I'm repeating to myself that everything will work out just the way it should be. If I'm lucky enough the damn computer (aka the New Toy) will be repaired and return to me after 2 months in repair! See if I'm able to start using it!

Finally, on the stream of other blog-friends just about to cycle, I've told nobody bar family about this upcoming ICSI. Not sure Mike will remember this at all though! I know I will be able to talk to my friends, if I wish, afterwards, no matter how it'll turn out. They will understand. Let's see if it makes any difference.
I must remember to book in my reiki/acupuncture also!


  1. You have a lot on your plate, dear Fran, but as busy as it sounds, it also sounds exciting and emotional. Take care of you in the midst of it all. Sending all sorts of good thoughts for this next cycle - know my Irish Boy is sending lots of luck from him too!

  2. Sending good thoughts your way Fran. I have done yoga before and love it. It sounds like you are very busy, but also keeping yourself in check with a plan. Being busy will help keep your mind off things though. :) Take care of yourself.

  3. I'm excited to be following your journey and hopefully we'll be cycle buddies (I'm probably a couple of weeks behind you).

    Congrats on your students Masters!

  4. Wow that's quite the packed week! Good luck with everything and hope the first scan is just a formality to starting the cycle.

    You should celebrate you! Your students' successes are a big reflection of the care and guidance that you give them.

  5. Busy girl!!! Lots of luck your way!!!

  6. Wow! You have a busy week. Thinking of you and wishing you the best as you start on everything.

  7. You're one clever lady, Fran! I bet your students love you! Good luck for this cycle - we're nearly on sync - my baseline U/S is Monday. Lots of positive vibes to you!!!!!xoxo

  8. Best of luck with the new cycle. And well done with your students!


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